Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bad dogs and a braided kid head.

If you can see through the horribly awfully dirty nasty door, you can see the 2 horribly nasty very stinky bad dogs. I don't clean the storm doors but maybe when we have company coming over. We have 2 dogs.

They got out of the yard and went out back this afternoon. To the very nasty pond. And went swimming. Or maybe chased some geese. Or went fishing. Whatever they did, THEY STINK! Really bad.

They are now out in the side porch. Waiting for me to figure out what to do. Or spring. Which ever comes first. Because they are not coming back in the house like this. I mean really, they stink. I just went out to feed them and I almost got sick. It's gross.

And look at Bubba. He's like, " Um, Stella made me go. She wanted to go and I didn't. But she made me go back there. Can't you tell she's the bad one?" HA! It's all Bubba. Always is. He jumps the gates and she has to follow him. Just because.

But really, good grief they stink.

And this is Kansas' head. All braided up in little teensy tiny braids. She looks so cute. She already has 1 dread, wrapped in blue yarn. She hates to have her head touched. It was not fun for her. But she really hates to even wash her hair. So I've always said she should have dreads. I think one day she will have her whole head in dreads. Just because. But right now, it's braids.

So school was out today because there was a little snow last night. That's all gone now. But tomorrow we might could get up to 4". So probably no school the rest of the week. I'll leave the braids in til she goes back to school. I'm just afraid this is a bit too much for where she goes. She might get teased.

What do y'all think? I love these pictures of her.


An At Home Daughter said...

Watch around the edges for her hair coming out. When I was a teenager I did a hair wrap in the back of my hair. I have a very sensitive head. After about a month it needed to be removed, because I had caught my hairbrush on it multiple times (and it trapped water in it). I asked my Mom to remove it, and she was shocked that it had pulled about half the hair around the edges of it out. She ended up just cutting the whole hunk of hair off, because it was too much trouble. Later I just got fed up with trying to style my hair (I have very straight, limp hair that won't hold a curl) and got a pixie cut. Made it so EASY to wash. But I eventually got tired of forking over $35 ever 6 weeks, and let it grow.

Kris said...

She want the braids out, so she took all the little rubber bands out last night. They'll come out ok. She's loves the dread though, so that'll stay.

I'm still working on my dreads. I will do a few more today.

Iris said...

Poor dogs! Stella looks like she pleading for you to let at least her inside!. Kansas' hair looks neat.