Thursday, February 5, 2015

On a brighter note...

this morning, I just pulled a little wool off Cara. It was so pretty, I decided to get a little off all the lambs. I am really happy with it all.

These are the quads, Click, Campbelle, Cameron and Clack. Cara is a single.

I was thinking the boys, Click and Clack, would have horrible wool. But theirs is really nice. Clack has the longest and lightest and Clack's is thick and darker, but shortest. They are on both ends here. Cameron's is really pretty. And all very crimpy.

Campbelle has the longest of the quads. And she's almost white. She's to the right of the pen.

Then Cara's is long too.

They are all so nice! Now I am really anxious to get them all sheared. I didn't get any of Cassidy's yet. But I will later.

This is Lucinda's. She was my very favorite ewe of all. She's really the reason I got Finn sheep. She was Annabelle's mother. She died a few years ago from barber pole worms. Back then, I didn't know enough about them to save her. Makes me sick. She was beautiful. Just look at her wool.

And I am sick because the girl who sheared her back then, did a horrible job. Had lots of second cuts. But I am working slowly on getting this fleece all cleaned and carded then spun. She is also the reason I wanted to learn to spin. I want to make a sweater from her wool.

This is her fleece. Most is really nice.

But you can see all the waste in the little basket on the left. Lots of waste. I am using a dog brush to flick the ends so I can card it. I've already spun some. But it's going to take a LONG time to get it all done. I want combs and a hackle so bad.

So my husband figured out a way to run the well water to both houses and just plugged the bad water line up. We are working on getting the money to get the plumbers out to get the new line dug. I asked on the bee forum what I should do about my bee hive out in the garden. They will have to go about 10" from it with the new line. The guy said it's mainly the vibration of the ditch digger that agitates the bees. I don't want the bees to leave or attack the workers while they are here. Some are saying to move it and put a screen on the entrance. Or just screen the entrance. Or wait for a warm day so most bees will be out foraging. Or a really cold day where they'll all be inside. And run water over the entrance to make it look like it's raining. I think I'll just put screen on the entrance. Or just leave them alone. I run the mower right in front of the hive and they aren;t bothered too much. We will just have to see. I just want this new water line in soon.


Kristin said...

Beautiful wool!

Kris said...

Thank you. I bought some hair picks at the dollar store and am going to make hand combs so I can do a better job with her wool. Hope they work.