Monday, February 9, 2015

Some crocheting going on here.

I was bored yesterday so got on you tube and looked up granny squares.  Found a really good video, in 4 parts, teaching how to make these pretty sunburst squares. I love them! And fairly easy to make. But will take a lot of yarn.

I have a big bag full of cotton yarn so I am using that. I  love working with cotton. I'll see how many I can make. I have a huge cone of the cream color for the border.

And also made some flowers. I love you tube! So much good info there. The big ones are wagon wheel flowers, but I only did the first row of petals. I could not understand the rest to make the back petals.  The smaller one is really easy. I made a scarf with a hoodie and it needs some embellishments so made these for it.

I am really liking the free well water. We might just use it til late spring. It's not a deep well so will run out in summer really fast. My husband's good friend said he and his son and a few others can come do the water line and save about $1000. So we will just wait. I hope the city water police don't catch on.


Betty Ann said...

Well that all sounds great! (pun intended). I promise not to tell the water police. We have those guys around here too.

I have crocheted many granny square Afghans in my day. A great way to use up odds and ends of colorful yarn from other projects. I love that you will use the flowers to embellish your adorable hats!

A.N said...

Which youtube video did you use?