Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just dreaming.

It is SO wet here right now. And I cannot remember what dry ground feels like. Or even what it looks like. I don't think there is a piece of dry ground anywhere in the country at this moment. I am so tired of slipping and sliding all over while trying to get to the animals to feed the poor things. It's just a slippery slimy wet mess out there. And I am tired of it! I'm tired of having to pull on my boots just to go outside. Then having to pull these things off is a nightmare anymore. The handles are ripped so I have to get them just in the right place on the steps to yank them off. Just another of life's little inconveniences, right? I know this summer, when it's dry as a dessert, I'll wish for these days. NOT!

But really. Why is winter SO wet anymore? Seems like this whole winter, it's just been rainy or freezing or snowy. Which, by the way, I LIKE walking on frozen ground so much more than wet slippery ground any day. But hate being so cold! Awe, will I ever be satisfied?

SO, I will dream of spring and seeds and gardens and DRY DIRT for now! Look back at all my pretty veggie plants with all their pretty blooming goodness. And dram of all the good healthy veggies I'll be canning this year for us. Because I am down to just a few jars of green beans. And they are from 2008. And just a few jars of tomatoes. So, I will be concentrating on growing a canning garden for us this year and now so much for selling.

There is so much to do out there too. Last fall, I threw clover seeds out on most of the rows. They all came up. But now I want them to bloom for the bees. I did plant a lot where I won't have to till under, just for them. I am seeing all the good rich manure the chickens are composting for me in their yard. And all the old wasted hay they are scratching around. I am throwing their feed in the old hay so they'll scratch it up some more. I'll be using it for the garden.

And I'll be getting a few new critters in 11 more days. Feb. 14th, this farm will be a whole lot different.

I will also be looking for a few milk does too. I've been buying cow milk from a friend, but at $6.50 a gallon, twice a week, it's getting a bit expensive. So I am going to have to break down and get a few does. I have really missed them. But not so much during all this crappy weather.

So, enjoy some pretty color and dream of your own gardens!


Betty Ann said...

Ahh winter! We all toasted the passing of January on Saturday night. As for February, at least it's short! Three down and only 25 to go. Days in February, that is. The farther into winter we get the harder it becomes to convince myself that I am not cold. But at least the daffodils bloom in February down here West Georgia! Where I grew up in the north they didn't bloom until April!! Thank you for the garden pics.

Kris said...

I forgot about the January Jasmine that's blooming now. Lots out back. It's pretty and bright yellow. And yes, soon the daffodils will be coming up all over the place! And then forsythia.

Yes, thank goodness Feb. is not that long.