Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More pumpkins.

 I hope all is back to normal at Mrs. T's now. I had to go in all day yesterday, so brought all my wool and needle felting stuff to work on. I made 4 more pumpkins and started on a turkey. I need to get some pipe cleaners for his legs. I took Mrs. T to lunch, then we went to my favorite store, All Books, to get more dyed roving and wool to make more pumpkins. I love that store. But really need to learn to dye all my own wool. I spent $45 there. So need to get over to the studio to make more. And more soap. I need some Orange-clove soap.

Here are all the needle felted pumpkins so far. I'm going to market Sat. so need lots more. I love making these. Every one is so different and I like it better than the one before.

I went out yesterday when I got home and caught this beautiful scene. I love it! Louise with the sheep and the horses across the road with Pigeon Mt. in the background. What a peaceful setting right there.

Louise is such a good cow. But boy, is she a big cow! She's like 10 goats. But she's a good girl.

I went to the garden too and saw all the seeds I had planted last Friday have come up! Must have been a good sign to plant on. Plus we got so much good rain right after I planted.  I need to get some lettuce seeds while I'm out today. Have to go with my mom to take her new dog to the vet for a well check. Mom is so funny. She went to a pet store in town yesterday and spent about $75 on that dog. She told me and then said "What's wrong with me?" I just laughed. Spoiled dog for sure!


An At Home Daughter said...

The pumpkins are cute. I got a felting needle set, but haven't got the foam. I poked myself several times trying to make a sheep. So decided to put it away till I get around to getting my foam.
I have never dyed wool before, but I dyed several rovings of mohair I spun from my goats years ago. I used Kool-Aid and food coloring, vinegar and that's all I remember. It made the house stink sooooo bad (hair, fruity kool-aid, and vinegar = one horrid smell) my Mom told me I was never dying hair again with kool-aid IN THE HOUSE. But it was cheap! All the colors I did were very bright, orange, orange/red, pink and purple.

Kris said...

I might have to try the kool aid too. I have some alpaca a friend dyed with lime green kool aid. Really pretty. I'll have to remember the smell though.

I don't know how many times I've stuck a needle through my fingers. And I have foam. You really need a finger protector. I can't use it because it's like gloves. I have to feel what I'm holding.

An At Home Daughter said...

I am the same way about gloves. I want to be able to feel. I never use them when I should.