Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lovin' my sheep!

 I love my sheep. Sometimes they can be so annoying though. But most of the time, they are perfect. I can go out there and sit with them and they will all come to me. They are peaceful animals. Very trusting. But sometimes very demanding too. And I get so upset when they get sick. They've been really good the past month.

The 3 little bottle lambs had gotten a heavy load of worms and I treated them for it. They were all better. But yesterday, I noticed little Campbelle with some puffiness under her jaw. I got the Safegaurd out and gave her a dose. And then the other 2 had a little bit of puffiness last night. I gave all 3 a dose this morning, even though the other 2 looked normal. But Campbelle was still a little puffy. I just hate it. All the others seem to be fine. I was thinking having Louise here has helped a lot with the worm issues. And it's been quite dry lately. I just don;t know.

Here's little Campbelle to the left. She's so small. She is one of quads. Her sister Cameron is a little bit bigger than her but not much. The 2 boys are so much bigger. But they were raised by the mother. You can see the 2 boys in this pic. The black ones. Then Cara is to the right. She's bigger but not too much. She's a big ole fluff ball more than anything! I just love these guys. This morning, I put a little sheep feed, sunflower seeds and kelp in the trough so I could get the lambs the worm meds. Later, they were all around me, wanting petted. So sweet! I just having sheep and being a shepherd.

And I am so glad I don't have a ram this year. I decided not to breed the ewes. And I am fine with that. I'll wait til next year and see how I feel about it. Maybe the little bottle lambs will have grown by then. The other ewe lamb is as big as the older ewes now. She's a twin.

I am really enjoying working will all this wonderful wool too. I love the whole process. It's so fun to see it all dirty in the bags, then all washed up and clean. I am ready to learn how to dye some of it too. Been wanting to try some natural colors. I have all kinds of goldenrod all over. And just did find out what ragweed is. It's every where on my farm. It's such an amazing weed! Full of medicinal properties. I just went out and picked some seed and flowers of both plants and simmering them now. The ragweed is supposed to make a red dye. I shall see. I am needing some Alum now and can't find it in any stores I've looked in so far.

It's really beginning to feel like fall. Last night, I turned the AC off and opened windows. The sun was behind the mountain by 7:30 and almost dark by 8:00. It just has that fall-ish hint in the air now. Not much humidity at all. But still warm during the day. But the nights and mornings are wonderful! I need to make soup and stews and chili again!

And the garden is growing great! I love fall gardening the most any more. I think I will just skip summer gardening from now on. The kale, collards, radishes are growing like crazy out there. And the lettuces and spinach I planted a few days ago is already popping up! I till, then throw the seeds on top. Then go get wheel barrows full of all the composted cow and sheep and chicken manure mixed with old hay that the chickens have composted up for me, on top of the seeds. Then water real good. I've been watering them every day too. I am very pleased with the garden so far.

I'm home all day today, so have things that need to be done. Hope you all have a great day where ever you are!