Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My husband,,,

I have the best husband. Even with all his problems, he still helps me out of some of my problems. Like this darn lawn mower. And many others before it. I am not a person who takes very good care of things. And our farm is full of tree roots, branches, big chunks of bark from all our fire wood, rocks, big ole dog bones. So many other things that a lawn mower runs over. And stumps. There used to be cedar trees all down our long driveway. We had them cut down. And now there are foot high stumps, right in the middle of both sides. Plus an incline. Then fence. I was mowing the driveway yesterday and got sucked onto a stump. Then tried to get off the stump and got into the fence. SO up the driveway I go, madder than a wet hen, or wet goat, to get the husband to come help me get it off.

Poor guy, takes him half an hour to hobble down there. But we get it off the stump. I turn it on. He said to turn the blades on. Well, the most awful noise I ever heard came out of that mowing deck. Blades were hitting metal.

So back to the garage we go. Get it up on the thing there. He lays his yoga mat down. It doesn't look like the deck is bent. But the left blade is hitting it. So he takes it off. And these are new blades he had to get because I bent the last ones, just a few weeks ago. So he grinds off a little bit and sharpens them both. It works! So off to finish mowing. He's so good at fixing things I mess up. And can figure out how things work. I love him and think I'll keep him.

So this diabetes is really a mess right now. His ankles are healed and have been for months now. But he got this diabetic ulcer on his right foot about 6 months ago. He's been going to the foot doctor for almost a year now in Nov. The ulcer is not better. It's not as big, but is still there.

SO all night, I'm thinking of natural ways to treat this thing. Honey kept popping up. So I looked up natural ways to treat foot ulcers, and there it is. An article about honey having natural antibacterial properties and healing foot ulcers in diabetics!

That's what we're going to start doing this morning. Just some honey on the wound and wrap with gauze. I'm going to take pictures, but not show them here of course, for records. I'm thinking in at least 2 months, this ulcer will be GONE! And some prayer would help too! Prayer always helps.

Just a little bragging on my hubby. He also never tells me I'm stupid or reckless or a bad mower. He just goes on and fixes my messes for me. Best husband ever!

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Betty Ann said...

You are both blessed. My prayers are with you.