Sunday, August 31, 2014

Needle felted pumpkins. And charcoal soap

Last night, my oldest grand daughter and I went over to the studio. She had an art project she needed to work on. And I wanted to do some needle felting. Well, I was going to make wool dryer balls, but started making some pumpkins. I think they turned out so cute. I love them. I love these colors a lot.  I need to dye some wool so I can make more of them. Need to get ready for fall markets.

What else can I needle felt for fall?

This is the charcoal soap cut up. This is the first time I have done anything like this. Next time I make this soap, I'll use my taller long wooden molds. But I think it turned out pretty.

While we were in the studio, it rained. One time, I thought we were in a tornado. The wind just all of a sudden started howling and blowing the trees over. Then it poured rain. But this morning, all the beds I had planted with kale, collards and radish seeds, were all fine. Didn't get flooded at all. We sure did need this rain. But this week, in the low 90's.

Happy last day of August, y'all! And have a happy and safe Labor Day!


Iris said...

You asked for suggestions for Fall. Could you do turkeys? Haystacks? Scarecrows? We had lots of rain, too. Praise the Lord!

Kris said...

I could try a turkey. I could use real feathers too. Thanks mom. We didn't get any rain here yet.

Betty Ann said...

I think the pumpkins are adorable! It was posted in our paper that the Georgia Alpaca FiberFest will be held at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center Sept. 12-14. There will be a free vendor market featuring knitting, crocheting, felting, dyeing, spinning, and weaving. If you find your way down here, Kristin and I will make sure to come and meet you!

Additional info is at

Your soaps are so pretty!! Kristin just opened an Etsy store to market some of hers.

Sandra Morris said...

Love the pumpkins :)