Sunday, September 21, 2014

Harvesting weeds

This morning, I went down to my friend's family farm land to harvest some weeds for dyeing. This horse greeted me. He's so friendly. I smelled mint when I saw him. He is walking through some wild mint beside the fence. It smelled so good.

                                             This is a lot of jewel-weed to the right. Lots of it.

And more jewel-weed along this creek bed. I didn't want to get too close. It was hot out and I am so afraid of snakes. I just felt them all over the place out there.

Also got some of these Black-eyed Susan. And there was more of these on the way home, so stopped and piked some more.

And found more goldenrod. Also thought about Sumac berries. So I grabbed some of those that were lower on the high trees. I am now wondering if this might be a waste of time. The berries, or seeds, have a nice red color that stains my fingers when I pull them off. But I'm wondering if when put in water and simmered, with they just turn brown? I might do a little just to see.

                            I went ahead and pulled off all the yellow goldenrod flowers. That's fun.

And here's the jewel-weed, in a pot of olive oil. I haven't warmed it yet. I need some more little jars first. So will let it sit til I get some in a few days. Also need to get some plantain and add to it. This will be a salve for poison ivy rash. This stuff is amazing.

Lots going on over in my little studio these days. I finished washing all of Adele's wool. Got it all pulled and ready for carding. I am really surprised at how soft her wool is. There is some that's course that I'll use for felting or dryer balls. But the majority of the wool is really soft. I added a little of the white alpaca and it's even more amazing. I love it!

I am really enjoying working with wool. I looked up the John Campbell Folk School in N. Carolina. There is a beginner spinning class Nov.14-16 that I really want to go to. I so want to learn to spin. I think I know the parts leading up to spinning now. Just need to learn to spin. I bought a drop spindle today at the Chattanooga market. Thought I'd give it another try. But this school has so many classes I'd love to take. Like knitting, dyeing, soap making. And it's not too far away. And hubby is here to take care of the farm. It's only 3 days.


Tombstone Livestock said...

I tried drop spindle, however I think I got better at dropping it than spending.

Kris said...

I haven't even tried it yet. I've seen you tube videos and they do it different than when I tried it before. I just want to spin!