Thursday, September 25, 2014

My market booth

 I dreamed about this new way to set up my space at the market. I have a canopy and have always had the long table in the back with the 2 smaller tables on either side. So people would have to walk inside to see things. The soap is always on the bigger table, since I have so much soap. Then the salves on the medium size table and felted things on the smaller one. So sales haven't been that good the past month. This is the new set up. I love it! And I sold a lot yesterday. Don't know if this is why, but I think it helped so much. People don't have to actually come inside now. The bigger table is sort of katy-corner with the other 2 tables tiered at the other side. All the other vendors liked it. I do too. And I can always flip it around  too.

I love this little wicker laundry basket I found at Michael's. It's perfect for wool dryer balls. And I found this pumpkin table cloth at a thrift store a few years ago. So cute for fall.

And all the soaps go on this bigger table. I just love making soap. I have so many ideas for more soaps floating around in my head right now.  I used the milk crates for height in the back which ads more to the table. I just love it. I need a farm sign now to hang  in the back. I might try to make one. There is a quilting class Oct.4th I think and I may just quilt a farm sign instead of the baby quilt. That'll make me thread up my brand new machine.(So sorry for another horrible blurry picture. But you can see what the soap table looks like anyway.)

I really do think this new way made a big difference in sales yesterday. I sold a lot of soap and some dryer balls and a pumpkin. But about 5:30, this lady came by and just fell in love with all my wool things. She ended up buying all my pretty dryer balls that were decorated real cute, several pumpkins and the set of sheep I had made last week! Over $100 worth of wool items! AND, she's not using the dryer balls in her dryer. She said they were too pretty to hide in a dryer. She has a better idea for them. I just love her! I told her she just made my deposit for the JC Folk School class on beginner spinning I want to go to in Nov. She was happy she could help out.

I just love fall. Just a perfect time of year. Do any of you who read my blog go to farmer's markets? What do you look for when you go? What draws you to certain booths? I would love to hear what you think. I know some of you are vendors too. I'd love to see pictures of your booths.


Betty Ann said...

Hi Kris! Your booth looks wonderful. Kristin and I try to continually keep our booth looking fresh. It is especially hard since the thrust of our business is Dairy, which by definition, cannot be displayed, so it sits in a huge blue cooler. Kristin designed a banner online at Vistaprint and also coordinating business cards. The vinyl banner was only $9.99. Bob and I tote lots of plants to decorate the tables, Which are also for sale. We noticed soap sales were falling off so we changed up that display to a two tier wrought iron and porcelain rack she got as a wedding gift and soap sales took off again. The salves and lotion bars and soaps are on one table and the seasoning mixes and preserves and Mexican caramel sauce along with any produce we have for sale go on the other. It has been so dang brutally hot and humid that we can hardly fit the stuff under our 10 x 10 canopy and have room to welcome people to step into our shade. That is our experience in a nutshell. You sound like you have it all thought out.

Two things we make a concerted effort to achieve is to NEVER have chairs to sit in and look bored and to NEVER let potential customers walk past without greeting them, telling them that the "good stuff" is in the big blue cooler, and inviting them to step into our shade.

The last thing that comes to mind is that Kristin has a standing easel with a whiteboard on which she lists all items we have for sale that day with prices. Most passersby stop to read the easel and that gives us time to greet them and invite them in. Also, it drives up future business when we can line out items and write a big "sold out" next to them. We tell people they will just have to come earlier next week!

You have been doing this a whole lot longer than we have. We learn all we can from other vendors and I am happy to share the things that have worked for us.

We wish you many sales!!

Kris said...

Hi Betty Ann! I've missed you and Kristin. I know she's busy with the goat breeding and markets and you are too. But thanks for stopping by. I have a small dry erase board and chalkboard I write things on as well as small chalkboards in front of each item. I do love the tiers. I wish Ga. wasn't so darn strict on the dairy laws. So crazy. Even Tn. has some silly laws. Like all eggs now have to be kept in coolers at 43 degrees and in new cartons.And washed. Ugh. I never wash eggs. When I do have eggs, I never say I'm bringing them in the e mails.

How long is your market? The one on Main St. goes all year, but goes to 1 hour when the time changes. And the fee goes to $5. It's $15 for the 2 hours. I hate that.

Betty Ann said...

Ugh! The laws! If you wash the eggs you have to refrigerate them! And the dairy laws are even worse! But don't get me started on the government. Our market is from nine to noon every Saturday and we plan to be there through November. We are getting pretty worn out and are looking forward to a break. Your soaps and wool products are awesome. You are always an inspiration.

Kris said...

I know. I hate washing eggs. It takes all the protective coating God gave them and leaves them open to all kinds of bad bacteria getting in.

Thank you!