Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This garden

The garden this year is nothing like I have ever experienced. I actually got it started back in the middle of March with potatoes, collards, kales, radishes, beets and lettuces. We had SO much rain in between. Then heat. Then freezing cold. Then just plain ole cold. All the poor little plants didn't know what to do. Then we had floods. And most everything was washed away. All my good soil too. So this is what it looks like today, June 5th 2013.

These tomatoes are looking really good. I did have to replant most of them. I just tied them to the stakes awhile ago. And weeded. There are some tomatoes on some of them. And I have basil in between them too.

This row really took a beating the last flood we had. I had all kinds of squash and zuc seeds and plants and cucumber seeds too. Most of them were all washed away along with the soil. But the ones left are doing good. I did put Epsom salts on each plant too. I think that's helped them.

These are the cucumbers already trying to climb the fence. There are little tiny cucumbers on them!

Looks like just a bunch of dirt, but there are field peas and beans coming up in these rows.

And some potatoes came up. I am planting squash and zuc seeds in the spaces where nothing came up. Here are some potato flowers. And a bad bug.

There are some eggplants in the mulch here. I just gave them some fish emulsion so I hope that helps them. I also have several coming up from seeds in a flat that I had ordered from Johnney's.

Here is where I just pulled up all the big tall radishes that did nothing. I'll plant something else here now. Just got to figure out what. The cabbages I planted back in March to the left are finally starting to grow. The beets in the middle are too.

This is the collard and kale rows. Just sitting there, doing nothing. I have picked some kale a few weeks ago. They are under a pecan tree and I planted too close together. They need more sun. I did plant more kale over to the right, in the full sun. It's all coming up, doing pretty good. Now we just need a little rain.

Here are some field peas popping up in the very sorry soil I have here. But they don't seem to mind. I can't wait for some good ole field peas and rice! My favorite meal.

So, there is my pitiful looking garden. I was almost ashamed to post pictures. I have never had to replant before. I would have had bean flowers blooming by now and I'd be picking loads of green beans in a few weeks. But not this year. This fall, I will be planting clover as a cover crop. It really needs it.

How does your garden grow? Any luck? Have you harvested anything yet? I would love to see your gardens too. And hear how they are doing so far.


Linda said...

Kris I had to replant beets and tomato plants twice. We got too much rain and much of it washed away. So I planted again and finally my plants are starting to grow. It truly has been a challenging year for sure. I lost over 35 dollars in seeds but these were organic and cost more. I didn't have time to reorder more or the money so I just bought seeds from the local feed mill.
I had started extra tomato plants in my little greenhouse so thank goodness I did that so I could replace the ones I lost 2 different times to really bad winds.
Hope your garden starts taking off for you. I feel your frustration. Hugs.


Betty Ann said...

Wow! your garden is huge!! You work so hard! Gardeners NEVER give up. I think we will all forget the difficult spring once we start enjoying the fruits. Just the thought of a red ripe tomato keeps me going. We are so vegetable starved right now. We have only the new kale, a few thinnings of beets, the beginnings of some swiss chard and a small cabbage left to glean from this garden. The broccoli all bolted as did the collards. Tiny cukes and summer squash and maters will take some time yet. Most of the okra succumbed. Peppers and melons are just flowering. Those leaf cutter ants messed up the potatoes. The beans are not yet flowering. Patience is a virtue. Sigh. Your garden is beautiful to my eyes. :)

Kris said...

Linda, I ordered a lot of organic from Johnney's this time. And lost most of them too. Si I've just done what you did. I grow everything as naturally as possible, so don't feel too bad about getting things from the feed store.

Kris said...

Betty Ann, you'll get your garden going too. I just went out awhile ago to check on mine after the almost flood we had yesterday. Or was it Tuesday? I saw several things popping up. And I just planted more cucumber seeds.

I've been giing to mom's nearly every day now, so it's hard to get started on something, then have to leave.

Betty Ann said...

Thanks for the kind words. Things are growing like gangbusters now but we are not used to having everything be so late. The weeds are growing fast too! Your Mama is blessed to have you and I am sure she feels the same about you. :)

Betty Ann said...

I said that backwards--YOU feel the same about HER

Kris said...

Yes, I do!