Monday, June 17, 2013

The girls

These are 3 of the 4 milk does I have now. One is dry at the time, so she doesn't come in the milk room.

This is Sandy. She's mostly Nubian with a little Togg. thrown in. I've had her since she was a few days old. And she's 7 now. She just had triplet doe kids a month ago, so I am not milking her yet. The kids are old enough to be put up at night so I could milk Sandy in the mornings, but I haven't done that yet. She's a great milker, with really nice big udders and great teats. She likes to kick when we first start back with milking, but then she settles down after a week or so. I have to have really quick reflexes to get the bucket out of the way before a foot gets in it or she kicks it. Which has happened a few times.

This is Zarah. She's just turned 3 and is a first freshener. She had twins a buck and a doe. The doe kid will be moving to Atlanta tomorrow, so I hope to take the buck kid up the road to a friends for awhile. Then I will be milking Zarah twice a day. She has really small teats, which makes it hard to hand milk. So I bought a Maggiedan hand milker for her. Much easier!

I do hope to sell all my LaMancha goats. I have Zarah and Zeeboo, who is a black and tan 4 year old doe. And Zarah's buck kid, who is 3 1/2 months old. The John Henry, the older buck, who is the sire to Ella and Ira. He's 3 years old. I want to go with Nubian does and a Boer buck for a more meatier goat.

And this is Penelope Jane. She is part Nubian and Lamancha. And naturally polled. She had twin doe kids her first time back in Feb. and one had horns and the other didn't. I like that, because I do disbud all my kids. For a first freshener, this doe has  a HUGE udder and great big teats! I am very pleased with her. I was getting nearly a gallon a day at her peak and now we're down to a little over a half gallon, 4 months later. Not too bad for a first freshener. And she is so easy to milk too. She's only kicked the bucket one time.

And this is what the dogs do. This is Bubba. Stella is still inside or she'd be right there too. I squirt milk for them. And he's waiting for more. I'll be making some farmer's cheese, which is a soft cheese. I make Sandor Katz's recipe from Wild Fermentation. SO easy to make. And even my daughter likes this cheese. Add lots of raosted garlic and herbs and it's amazing.

So if anyone needs some good LaMancha dairy goats, let me know.

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