Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday ramblings

Saturday was just one of those days. Just ho-hum. I did make 11 of the smallest canning jars of plantain salve to sell at market. I picked a bunch more plantain to make more later when I get more jars.

Also make a batch of feta cheese last night. It has to sit out 24 hours, then in the fridge a few days. Then I'll marinate it in half pint jars in olive oil and fresh picked herbs to sell too.

Went to mom's for a birthday lunch. So many birthdays in May and June so we just celebrate them all together. My brother's is the 11th. He just left this morning to go back to Colorado. He and his daughter and grand son and my sister and her 3 daughters and a grand daughter will all be coming back up in a few weeks for Gary's memorial. Mark cleaned out mom's house. He put up locks and motion lights and they installed an alarm system. Got the house pressure washed and did lots of yard work. Cleaned the garage. Didn't get a garage door opener yet but will soon. Also changed the door locks so she has just one key. So he did a lot in a week. And I helped as much as I could. Mom will have a day or 2 by herself to rest. She was exhausted. But sad to see Mark leave.

We have all 3 grand daughters this weekend. That wears me out! 14, 11 and 10. Of course Kansas, the 10 year old, lives here with Heather. So I am always worn out! But we got her in a summer camp program at the day care. She'll have plenty to do there with all the field trips and swimming. She is a child that has to be busy all the time. And there was NO way I was going to keep her all summer. I love her, but no.

I have sold my pigs, Bob and Joe, to my friends up the road! He's going to come get them either Monday or Tuesday. I can hardly wait. But had a little moment this morning while feeding them, that I almost changed my mind. But just a moment! I'll still go get the old bread from the bread store for them every week. And I'll probably get at least a half of one of them. I just can't seem to be able to handle all these animals right now and need to let some go.

There is a couple that's supposed to be coming to get Ella Belle today. And I hope I can talk them into getting Zarah and Ira Joe too. So that will be at least 1 less goat, hopefully 3 by the end of the day today.

I also put an ad on CL for the Cornish Cross meat birds. I'd like to sell the 40 younger ones and just keep the 9 older ones that will be ready to butcher in a few weeks. I will keep all the Freedom Rangers. I did have a call from a guy the other day. I said I would not go lower than $4 a piece. And that's like just giving them away. I swear, people want you to just give these animals away. I have so much more money in these birds than I could ever get out of them. Really. So I may just end up keeping them all. They'll be ready to butcher in about a month or so. I may be able to hang on that much longer.

So, not much to write about. I'll post pictures later. I really don't like to just have a post with no pictures, but this is it folks! I hope you ALL have a great Sunday. And don't forget to look around and thank God for all you have!


Betty Ann said...

I find myself reading your blog and just shaking my head at all you do. How do you keep so many balls in the air without dropping any? Makes ME need to take a rest! :)

Kris said...

There is always so much that needs to be done around here. I have to make myself do it all. Or it just won't get done.