Friday, June 14, 2013

Bob and Joe's new home

I went up to feed Bob and Joe tonight and brought my camera this time. I love it over there. It's at the foot of Lookout Mt. and just acres and acres of the most beautiful land. So much to see there. Every which way you look. And this is a very old homestead. There are 4 old barns and a really old house all built in the 1800's. And all still standing and in pretty good shape.

                 This is the old corn crib. They get the right side for their little house. Really nice too.

Here you can see the other old barn to the right and their shelter to the left. Up past that little camper is the old homestead to the left.

                                                    In a few weeks, this will be all brown dirt.

                                                This is the biggest barn. I just love old barns.

This barn is where the electric is. Allen ran 2 strand of electric fence wire and it goes to the other side of their shelter. They have plenty of room and grass to munch on. I brought them a bag of scraps and they acted like they really didn't need it. But they ate it anyway, just to make me happy.

You can see Lookout Mt in this picture, to the left. And that is the biggest hay field from here to the mountain. I know, because I have gotten hay from here before. Hundreds of acres.

Here is the old corn crib again. Allen plans on later letting the pigs up in those woods behind this barn. There's lots of oak trees in there full of acorns in the fall. Just right for finishing off hogs.

So I do believe the boys will be happy here. I wouldn't mind living here myself.


Jack Everett said...

Hi, That log building is called the "Log Barn" it has stalls for and the loft was used for hay. Never was a corn crib. The crib is the smaller building at the base of the driveway. The other building is the "Grainery".

Jack Everett said...

for cattle or horses.

Jack Everett said...

The big barn is The Tobacco Barn, but since the 1950's was just used for hay and side sheds for fattening calves.

Kris said...

Thank you for letting me know what all those barns are for. In S. Ga. those are called corn cribs and tobacco barns. And I just love the big barn. I could live in a barn, I think.

Kristin said...

Bob and Joe- enjoy your beautiful new home. I shall miss seeing you made into pork chops. --Kristin

Kris said...

Kristin, I hope to be getting about a half of one of them when the time comes. I'm still going to be getting their bread and bring them scraps. I love it where they are. But I sure hope I don't run across a darned ole snake there. They've already killed a rattle snake and several others. And there are a lot of barns there.

Sandra said...

Very cool buildings!