Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pig rodeo

Today was the day for the pig rodeo. See the pigs way down at the end? I put up the Premier fence as a barrier to get them to where we needed them to go. That worked.

Here is where we wanted them. They went just fine and we got the gate shut. Only a little rooting along the way, but no problems here.

We took one of the cattle panels from their pen and got them in this little tiny space. hoping they'd just walk right up onto this nice cozy trailer. But not before a little pig drama. We got Joe, the white pig, on first. Putting a bucket over a pig's head and pushing them backwards really does work! If they're small! Which Joe is a bit smaller than Bob. (I did try it on Bob, but he didn't want anything to do with that game.) So got Joe on and put that piece of plywood up on the trailer to hold him in while he ate and we tried to get Bob on too. But Bob had other plans. We put that other gate that's in the back of the truck where the plywood was. But Bob pushed it away and off he went. Just exactly like the last time we tried to load pigs. Just like the last time, I run screaming through the yard, cussing and throwing buckets and sticks to get him back to where he was  supposed to be. Acting like a crazy lunatic. We did get him back in and he was tired. He rested his big fat butt on the tail of the trailer. Then the guys pushed and pulled and got him up on the trailer!

And here they are. Ready to go to their new home up  the road. I'll have to take pictures of where they'll be living for a few months. It's really nice.

 So, ba-bye for now, Bob and Joe. It's really been fun. I'll miss you guys. But I'll still bring you bread and scraps, ok? Be good. See ya.

And off they went.

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