Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sour pickles

I have done this before and I love them. The recipe is in Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.

You just take fresh cucumbers, garlic, dill seeds, grape leaves, and salted water. Put the grape leaves, garlic and dill seeds in the bottom of a crock or bucket, or like I do, a glass jar. Then add the washed cucumbers with the ends cut off.

Add the brine, cover with a cloth and let sit in a cool place several days, tasting and checking for mold on top. Keep cucumbers covered with the brine. These are amazingly good. My whole family loves them. I hope you all try this.

 I will be making sour kraut soon too. And some beet kvass when my beets are ready.

Is anyone else doing any fermenting?


Sandra said...

We love pickles around here. I didn't get any cucumbers planted so we will not have any homemade ones this year.
Yours look great!

Betty Ann said...

We love pickles too!! Our Cukes are arriving fast and furiously. I am not fermenting this year but am planning to can some sweet pickle relish since there is not a single brand in the store that does not contain HFCS. I swear, they are trying to kill us with the food! I also have a really good heirloom recipe for bread and butter pickles that I have made for 40 years. My sister and I made sour kraut one year and I can still remember the smell coming from the basement while that stuff was fermenting!! Glad we did it at HER house! It was delicious when done though.