Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rendering lard

I put this bag of pig fat in the fridge a few days ago. So today had some time and rendered it down. I need to make more soap because I have only 2 bars with lard left.

I had 2 pots going, then went down to the one pot. I love how the house smells while doing this. Like uncured bacon.

I don't like cracklings so the dogs will get what's left. They love it.

And I got 4 1/2 quarts. It looks good. I like to cook with it too.

Has anyone else rendered lard before? What do you use it for?


Betty Ann said...

I have rendered lard. And goose fat too. I use lard for pastry crust for the Thanksgiving and Christmas pies. Butter just doesn't have the same result. And the goose fat is yummy for use in lieu of butter to fry eggs or season vegetables. :)

Kris said...

I have heard goose fat is amazing. I need to find some now. And duck eggs are good for baking. I bet your pies don't last long!

Sandra said...

I have not, I have thought about it but it looks like a LOT of work ;)
It is on my try someday list :)

Betty Ann said...

One of my grandsons is allergic to chicken eggs but tolerates duck eggs so MY Kristin saves all duck eggs for her sister to feed to her one-year-old. Little guy is so happy to get French toast and his Mama is so happy to be able to bake for the family again! Duck eggs have a completely different protein from Chicken eggs and many people allergic to Chicken eggs can eat them with no problem. Regarding my holiday pies--I am required to bake one apple, one pecan, and one pumpkin. Both daughters know how, so when I get REALLY old I will be able to pass that torch!!