Thursday, June 28, 2012

You can lead sheep to the pool....

 but you can't make them get in it. Nope.

 I got this pool for my dogs awhile back. Stella loves it. But the dogs can come inside. The sheep can't. So I gave the pool to the sheep. I thought they might like to stand in it at least. They do drink from it. But no one's been in it yet. I thought Lucinda, the black ewe, might get in. She stands beside the trough a lot so I thought she might like something she could get into. But no. It's supposed to be 100 or better for the next several days here. I might see a sheep swimming later today.

These are the 2 newest ewe lambs, Amarillo in the front and Adelaide behind her. They are so cute. And getting a little friendlier toward me. They are a Finn-Suffolk cross. I think Adelaide is more Finn.

This is Adele. She's as big as her mother. And look at her! Silly lamb. I love my sheep.


SweetLand Farm said...

I hardly ever see my sheep drink. Much less jump in a pool! They sure are good looking!

Kris said...

Thank you again. I saw a picture on someone's blog I think, of llamas laying in a pool. Didn't even have the thing filled up yet. So I thought my sheep might like a pool. We'll see later on today. I had pigs that would fight to get in a pool.