Monday, June 18, 2012

Well, that was scary, green eggs, meat birds and hay

Just went out to gather eggs. There is that same broody hen, sitting on an empty nest this time. So in the "timeout" cage she goes. I think she's been in several times so far. I might end up having to dunk her rear end in a bucket of ice water before it's over. So I got 11 eggs today!!!! And the prettiest green egg I have ever seen. I mean, this egg is green. Like the green Folgers coffee container green. I might have to keep this egg.

So I saw one of the water bowls upside down, kicked it over and about had a heart attack. I screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear. There was one of the little Barred Rock chicks underneath the bowl. Scared me to death! I sure didn't expect that. She seems fine. She wasn't there this morning so must have just happened. She got up and went to eating. Silly bird.

But I got 11 eggs today! I have been getting between 7-9 eggs lately. Not enough for all my egg customers.

Also butchered 5 more meat chickens. They weren't as big as the 6 I did a few weeks ago. These were around 4 pounds. So I'll wait a few more weeks to do the other 5. Then I'll be done till I order more.

I have a truckload of hay outside waiting to be unloaded. This is the first time ever that I got a truckload of hay and I never touched it. My friend had some guys loading hay today and I got them to do it for me. Of course I have to pay them. Not too much. And darn well worth it. I just drove the truck. Which, actually is hard work, believe it or not. I have to listen to the guy in the truck bed and go slow and steady. Really hard for me to do. I heard him hit the roof a few times! I drive fast. So it was hard. I think I'd rather be throwing hay into the truck than driving. But it was HOT. So now I wish the guys could've come home with me to unload all this hay. It's 7:15 and seems like noon out there. 50 bales of hay. Gotta go do it soon. That makes me having 86 bales so far. Need about 70 for the winter.

And what is with people who get so close to the rear of my truckload of hay that if a bale were to fall off, it would go through their windshield? And with plenty of opportunities to pass me. They still stay right behind me. I am going like 35 all the way home, about 20 miles on 2 lane roads. People are stupid like that. I even slow down and get over so far without actually going OFF the road for them to pass and they act like they don't know what's going on. Ugh! People! I would have passed me several times and on a double yellow line in a curve. I just don't know.


SweetLand Farm said...

It's good to have a scare once in a while;)
I love haying! It's hard work, but satisfying. I like to drive the tractor or throw hay. I'm terrible at stacking!

Kris said...

Hay time is not my favorite time at all. I am so glad when it's over and I have all I need. I would love to actually drive the hay mower and then rake it and bale it. I think that would be so cool. Especially in a tractor with AC! That's on my bucket list.