Saturday, June 16, 2012

My New Goat Milker

My oldest grand daughter Chloe asked if she could help milk. I never turn down help! So I gave her a bucket and there she went. She had that bucket full of milk in about 3 minutes! She's milking Abby. Abby sort of picked her feet up a few times but I told Chloe to just grab on and not let go. She did great! I am very proud of her. All 3 grands love goat milk.

It took awhile to get Abby's milk to taste good. Last year it did too. She is 10 years old now. I am thinking about retirement for her. I am going to look for a nice place for old animals to live out the rest of their lives. There has to be a place like that somewhere, right? I have had Abby the longest of all my goats, 7 years. She is the best milker I have ever had. I will miss not milking her. And she has given me 2 does the last 2 years now. So she deserves a nice place to retire. I'll milk her til she dries up next year. Then I'll see what's next.

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