Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Gardens

 My daughter came over today to help me with pictures. So here are some of my gardens. These are the tomato plants.
 A pretty squash flower.
 I am doing rows between grass this year. I think I need to make the rows a little tighter because I am having to go down each row twice. Taking too much time with the mower. So to the right are potatoes, then kale, then cabbage and Swiss chard, then more potatoes. I planted red, white, blue, yellow and pink. They are all so good.
 More squask plants. But I do believe these may be last year's.
 Cabbage. Some of the many I have that I planted way back in February and just now am getting a few with cabbage heads. I had a time with cabbage moths and worms. Now come the Japanese beetles.
 These are some Ruby cabbage. So pretty.
 Some of my flowers beds. The day lillies are so beautiful this year.
 And one of 2 volunteer sunflowers. Just gorgeous!
 Again, I think this is last year's garden. Oopps!
 One of my window boxes I am really proud of. I got the geraniums for just a few bucks each and they are amazing.
 My rock garden. When we first moved to this house they had to put in a new septic tank. Well, they put it right in the front yard. And as you can see from the next picture, our house is made of limestone rocks, probably dug right from this property. So they dug up a lot of huge rocks. They asked me where I wanted to put them and I said just put them over in the corner of the yard, I'll do something with them. Well, I have looked at this pile of rocks for 7 years, trying to think what to do with them. Last year I started putting perennials in the little crevices and cracks. This year they all came back. So I started adding other flowers and little bushes. It has turned out beautifully. I love it now. And the bottom picture is of my lettuce bed under a cedar tree in the garden. I am still picking lettuce. It is shaded but doing really good in the heat. Thank you for looking.

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Abby said...

Your pictures are so pretty. Everything looks amazing...