Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Farmer's Market

Today was the farmer's market in Rock Spring. I started getting ready yesterday. Picking and cutting and pulling all kinds of veggies and fruits and flowers. I had apples, beets, cabbage, carrots, hot and sweet and bell peppers, Blue Lake beans and purple beans, red and Yukon Gold and Adirondack blue potatoes, lettuce, and zucchini bread, regular and chocolate.  Plus my soaps over to the left. And my pretty flower vases full of zinnias and cosmos. I did really good today. It was SO hot but we had a nice breeze that blew my signs over. Several little girls kept coming to my table to look around. One girl said she loved my tables because they are so colorful and pretty. She is a soap customer, about 12 years old. Another young girl who is a granddaughter of one of the other vendors, came over and bought some blue and yellow potatoes. So today was actually one of my best days so far. I might have to go back Sat.

I do hope that there are some good farmer's markets where you all live and that you go support your local farmers. This is really hard work. (I am not complaining. I really love doing this. But it is discouraging sometimes.) People don't realize how much work goes in to just getting ready for market days. And so many do this alone or with just another person. All this took  a day to get together and loaded up. So please go out and buy from some roadside stand or market. You will really be helping so many people by doing this one little thing. And you get to know some great people too.

(I had a lot more pictures but somehow lost them while loading in the computer. They are still in here somewhere I hope.)


SweetLand Farm said...

Your table looks great! You sure had lots of stuff too. I'd like to grow potatoes again, but we didn't have room. I want the red, white and blue ones. Makes a pretty potato salad!
Keep it up. Hope things get a little faster as the summer goes on!

Kris said...

Thank you. Potato salad sounds so good. I'll have to make some this weekend.