Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The top picture is of the new girls. 2 Barred Rock, 2 Americana and 1 Red Star. I'll leave them in the cage a few days to get to know all the other chickens. They're about the same size as the newer BR chicks. 

The other 2 pics are of the shade cloth I just put up for them. There is no shade except for inside the coop and right outside the coop is a little bit during the day. Then in the back is a big maple tree. So this is already helping. Now maybe they won't all have to go inside the coop during the day to get out of the sun. 

Now I have 14 Barred Rock, 5 Americana, 6 game, 12 Buff, 4 Red Star,  and Mr. Andy Rooney. I have a little BR roo who will be going to his new home in a few days. So I think that's 41 hens. 19 of those are under 6 months old. So hopefully they will start laying soon.

I would love to hear about your chickens.


SweetLand Farm said...

OK. I have 25, I think. They are Barred Rocks, 1 New Hampshire Red, I affectionatly call her "mama hen", Partridge Rocks, and Black Astrolorps (didn't spell it correctly). I sell the extra eggs to a local good food store, and that helps them pay their own way! I'm a total egg snob too. I won't eat store eggs, and only use store eggs to cook with when my hens are molting. I love my hens and love to watch them! Now you know!

Kris said...

I just went out and gave my hens some whey from some cheese I just made. They love it. And I saw lots of hens on the 3 nests. There are 5 nest boxes but they are only using 3 for some reason. Awhile ago I was watching them and there would be 2 on a nest. And one even fell out!

I love Barred Rocks. And Buffs. I have never had any of the others you have except once I had the Black A. hens. My friend got some last night that were huge black ones with feathered feet. I can't wait to see how big they get.

I am the same way about eggs. Cannot eat store bought eggs. Or milk either. And why do people want eggs when I have none but can't hardly give them away when I have 15 dozen on the shelf?