Friday, June 17, 2016

Around the yard...

 this is my new mint and rosemary garden. Because I needed more things to water right now. And I want ALL the mint and rosemary!

                         My old Bubba, in the window, guarding the house for us. He's a good ole boy.

                                                      Some of the day lilies, all blooming all over.

I tell ya what, there's nothing like going out in the mornings now and picking a hand full of juicy ripe blueberries out of the front yard!

Another little flower garden. The honey bees are using this bird bath for water. I'm trying to keep it clean and full for them all. I also finally got some humming birds again! They were late this year.

And an elderberry popped up in this little garden.

My little tire garden, planted with bee balm and red pineapple sage. A few of the Russian sage I planted last year came up.

And I forgot I had put this little pot of Hens and Chicks outside. So I got it all cleaned up and re-potted.

The rock garden kind of got a little out of hand. It needs weeded. I've been watering it a lot.

The front of the house and yard. I love these big trees for shade, but they sure are scary in a storm!

I have planted a lot of sunflowers for the honey bees. They are loaded down with all the pretty yellow pollen.

And the elderberries are blooming too, so the bees and lots of other insects, are taking advantage of them.

The bees are very busy right now. I am thankful for all the plants and trees and flowers that provide food for them and their brood. I hope these hives grow and grow!

This morning, when I went out to water and fill up water troughs and buckets for the critters, there was a snake in the big trough. I was wondering when I would see some. It's so dry here, I figured they would be around. Scared me to pieces! I do like like snakes and don't want them here at all.

I am getting ready for a big show in Ft. Oglethorpe tomorrow. Making more dryer balls. I'll get the car and truck loaded after the sun goes behind the garage. It's HOT out there.

Have a great weekend! And happy father's day to all you men out there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bees and birds

Last Thursday, I decided if I wanted honey, I better do it then. Because that was the last day of semi decent temps here. It's been in the high 90's since. And dry.

So went in and got the only shallow honey super. The bees were good that day.

This is all I got. And probably will be all I get all year. Since this is the hive that swarmed, I won't get any more. Or any from the other 2 hives.

Friday, when I came home from the market, I noticed the 1st swarm hive had bees bearding on the front of the hive. I thought, poor hot bees, I will try to help you. Ha! Do not ever mess with a hive of hot bees!!!

I went over as soon as I got out of the car and opened the top so I could put a stick under the lid for ventilation. BAD IDEA Kris! As soon as I opened the top, a very mad bee came at me and stung me right on my right index finger. Dang, it hurt! Got the huge stinger out and ran to get plantain salve. It was so swollen in just a few minutes. And I had goats to milk. Ugh, it really hurt.

So I learn as I go around here. Can't do anything nice for hot bees.

And these baby barn swallows! Goodness, they are growing like little weeds. There are 4, maybe 5. And they are already sitting on the edge of the nest. I keep telling them to get back in or you'll fall out. And there will be a cat right there as soon as it does. But so far, they are all still there. They are SO cute! And Harry and Sally are such good parents. All day long, they are in and out, feeding those hungry babies. They'll be gone soon.

So, I am watering my gardens every day. Even fruit trees and bushes. My beans that I planted back May 22nd are still just a few inches tall.  It's bad. And to top it off, we have Japanese beetles. All over everything. But I am so glad I leave weeds in with the actual plants, because they are all over them first. And the wild grape leaves. So when they are all gone, they will be on the food. And I see lots of grass hoppers too.

But I am getting squash and zucchini! And selling it at the markets! And the tomatoes are looking good. Maybe some ripe ones soon.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Zinnias and other things.

 The dogs like to go to the garden with me. I like them there, just in case there might be a snake. Or a mole. Which I have seen a few of. Moles. Not snakes yet. But if I do, those dogs will save me! The squash and zucchini are doing great! But I have to water them all the time. I got some of both last night and we had it for dinner. SO good!

The borage is starting to bloom. It's beautiful. The bees will be all over it soon.

This is my zinnia row. It has grown so fast in a week! Just full of flowers already. I picked a lot and put them in little vases for the market this afternoon. Plus some daisies and black eyed Susans.

                                                         All ready for market! Isn't this pretty?

Some more pottery all finished.  I have a show next weekend, so I will take all this, plus what I just did this week. I made some yarn bowls I hope will be ready to glaze by tomorrow.

I worked on some more clay yesterday. Made 2 yarn bowls and a big vase. I need to practice on making things taller and bigger.

And I finally got 6 good tall bigger mugs! I am very pleased with these.

There are already baby barn swallows! At least 3, maybe 4. They already have their little heads hanging over the sides, waiting on mommy and daddy to bring their food. They grow too fast, these little ones. Harry and Sally are busy, all day long. Then they both sleep on the wire next to the nest at night. I love these birds!

Ooppps! It wasn't showing up when I was loading pictures, so I clicked on it again.

But this is a side view of the mugs.

AND, at dinner last night, I saw a hummingbird fly to the window! I have a flower box with red and pink flowers in the window that they like. I have not seen them til then. My husband said he forgot to tell me but he saw them the day before. The feeder was in the kitchen, so I jumped up and fixed some sugar water and took it out to the tree for them. I am SO happy to see them! They usually come in late April, but they are late this year. Wonder why? Anyone else have any hummers?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


It's been the most glorious weather the past few days. Breezy but cool. No humidity! I have been loving it.

I went out yesterday and staked the tomato plants. I have to go get some twine as I cannot find all my hay string. And I need some soil so I can start a peppermint garden. I bought some on sale yesterday because I want ALL the mint!

I also ate 2 blueberries yesterday! They are so good. I love blueberries. And to walk right out the front door and pick them is amazing.  I want to get a lot more bushes and plant them down where the tomatoes are, in the fall.

And the elderberries are doing great so far. I really like having some out in the yard now. There are a few more in the grape vine row in the garden.

Have a great hump day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 I have a pig! My friends up the road have pigs and I've been giving them goat milk for their pigs. And they were getting some more so he said I could keep one there if I wanted. So yes! I do. The little spotted one is mine. He's also the smallest one. The 2 bigger ones will be going to the butcher soon, so these 3 littles will have more food then.

So yay, I have another pig and I don't have to mess with it too much!! And they will haul it off to the butcher! And the pigs will get goat milk a few times a week! Pretty cool I think.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Flowers for Friday...

Lots of Borage about ready to burst forth with beautiful blue flowers for the bees!

And zinnias everywhere! There are a few brand new blooms already. I can't wait to see this whole row of them in bloom!

And the wild daisies are still going strong, despite not having any rain the past few weeks here.

This is the buckwheat for the bees. It's also popped up here and there all over the garden.

And the squash is coming on really good! I fertilized a few weeks ago with some organic fertilizer. Plus all the watering. I hope to have lots of squash and zucchini! I've already seen lots of bees in the flowers!

I planted green beans way back on May 22nd. Then a few days later, planted sunflower seeds down the middle of the rows. Yesterday, I found 2 sunflowers popping up!!!! I love sunflowers!

So many pretty flowers coming out right now. To brighten up the world. And help the bees.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yarn bowls

 I think we might get some rain here!!!! It did rain a little bit last night. And I hear thunder to the North of us. So hopefully someone's getting some rain.

Today is my day to stay home. I like Thursdays! I have to make dryer balls and some more bug-off bars for market. But right now, I am playing with clay. And it's been pretty good so far. I have been wanting to make some yarn bowls. Finally got 4 of them today. And then I want to make some taller cream pitchers. Got one and will work on more later. So far so good!

I'll add a handle later after I trim this little pitcher. I want to make more later.

Yesterday, I went to the pottery studio to finish glazing all my things. The alpaca shearer called yesterday morning, said he would possibly be here to shear later that day. So I hurried as fast as I could at the studio, thinking he'd call right in the middle of it all. But no call. So I finished up and we had a member meeting at 6 that I got to attend. Still have not heard anything else from the guy. I just called and left a message telling him I'll be here ALL day. My poor alpacas are so hot in all their wool. I had the hose on awhile ago and they both stood so close to me asking me to spray them. But I couldn't. I'm so afraid the guy will call and the boys will be all wet. I hope they will get sheared sometime soon. I am putting my name in for when they come shear all my friend's alpacas next year.