Saturday, February 15, 2014

Right now. This minute.

I'm not gonna lie. I do not like winter. I used to love it. Til I hit 50. For some reason, after that, I just cannot get warm enough. And I think it has a lot to do with having a farm with lots of animals on it. They are messy. They tear up the ground. They aren't big animals like cows or horses, but they can still tear up the ground. And where animals are, it's a mud pit. And I feel bad for them.

This winter has been cold. And wet. And lots of snow. More than we have had in years here. I like snow ok. For about a minute. Then I'm all over it and ready for it to go away. But these snows seem to like to hang around. I think on the news last night, they said kids have missed 17 days so far from this crazy weather. And that's just since January. They went one day this week, Monday.

So last night, I was a bit depressed about all this mess. My farm is literally a mud pit. From front to back. All mud, everywhere I look. Brown ugly wet slushy ooey gooey mud. That's it. Til the snow came and covered it all up with about 7". Yes, it was beautiful. For a minute. Then here comes the dogs. The sheep. The chickens. Not the goats, because they will not go out in this. And where ever they step, they made mud. So pretty soon, it was a mud pit again.

Yes, I went to bed depressed. And I cried a little. Wondering if this will ever be over. Will I ever see green again? Will the ground ever be dry again? Will I ever mow again? Or even get the tiller in the garden again? It was bad. I just wanted to stay in bed til summer.

I know there are people who love this snow. I saw people actually having fun. Sledding and skiing and laughing and building cool snow people. Snow is beautiful and fun and serves a purpose I suppose.

Then I thought of how people are all basically the same, physically. We all have hands and feet and a head and all that. But God put something different into each one of us. He made some people love the cold and some love it hot. He made some people dare-devils and want to jump off and out of things. He made some people want to fly like birds and go higher and higher, into the heavens. He made some people want to be doctors and lawyers and business managers and want to stay up all day and night. And love it. He also made farmers and ranchers and butchers and vets. We are all different and I am so glad I am who I am.

So I have been thinking about all this today. Because I woke up to this. A totally different world. It looks dry out there, doesn't it? I was amazed that just last night, when I went to bed, it was all muddy and still snow all over. But right now, looking at this picture, I feel hope. That soon, this will all be green again. And the trees will have leaves again. And I will mow all this and probably complain about it. And also complain that it is so dry and when will it ever rain again? The ground will be so hard and dry I will pray for rain. I know I will. Because I am human.

And God knew this would happen, way back before we were ever here. He knew that we, as humans, would not be satisfied with summer 12 months long. Or spring 12 months long. Or fall, even with all it's glory, we would not be happy with it for 12 long months. So he gave us seasons. That only last 3 months at a time. Thank you, Lord!

Because I remember saying last summer, how I wanted it to be over. It was a crappy summer. Nothing in the garden was growing right. I had to replant so many times. I wanted it to be over so I could start all over again. With a a better garden. And now, I am saying I just want this horrible winter to be over. Why can't I just be happy knowing that this too shall pass? And that it will be spring soon. Then summer again. And I will long for fall.

So I think, right now, this minute, I will be content to wait. Because I know.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Part 3: up and across

 Here's my mountain goats! I don't think any of us realized how high up we would be going. But I think we were about as high as Pigeon Mt. to the East of us. Pretty far up there. But it wasn't really that hard. I wasn't winded or having to stop as much as I thought I would have. Just kept on going.

                                                            The stream, going down.

                                I found this really pretty mossy fairy castle. Almost a heart shape.

A little level spot on the way up.  Looks like the goats are wondering which way to go.

 This is looking straight up to the top. Not much farther to go now!

Here we are, at the top!

 There's Lookout Mt. I have always wanted to go up this ridge to see what was on the other side. There is a valley called Crowe Gap. Lots of chicken houses back there. But really beautiful. Couldn't see too much with all the trees, but I did see some houses.

The goats are ready for a little rest by now. I am too.

Looking straight up this very tall pine tree. So beautiful.

Bubba and Stella, getting tired by now.

Stella looks like she is wanting to go home! She's pooped. She has done nothing but run the whole way up. Time for a little rest before heading back down.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grand Adventure: Looking for spring, part 2

 We got up to the big old oak tree to see if there were any daffodils up there yet. It's so beautiful up there. I would love to have a little cabin right on the little knoll under the oak tree. Very peaceful. I wonder if there used to be a homestead there a long time ago? It's just the perfect spot.

We did find the daffodils! Not very many, but they were popping up! Really short and had some buds on them too. I'll go back next week after all this snow is gone and pick some. I love to have them all over the house this time of year. Makes me feel all springy.

Also saw some leaf buds on some of the tree branches. So exciting to see those! You can see in the background, the brown hill. That was at the end of this journey, when we headed back down.

So, I spotted this little stream on the other side of the oak tree down below it. I decided to follow it to see where it came from. That's where the real adventure began!

I am amazed, that even way out here, in the middle of no where, there is still trash. So sad to see this.

And there was more green to see. Ferns on the little banks of the creek, all pretty and happy. I love ferns.

And here is the stream we followed that day. It went up and up and up some more. At one point it split. We decided to go right. Isn't this beautiful?

To be continued....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No spring here.

 No spring anywhere around these parts any time soon. Woke up to this this morning. My fired personal weather man told me this wasn't supposed to happen til this afternoon. Huh! So I made him take me to town to get feed and milk and all that stuff that I was out of.

 Before we left, I saw a snow plow flying down the road going South. So I knew the roads would be ok. Plus my mom lives in Ft. Oglethorpe and my daughter Abby works in Chattanooga. They both said there was not a bit of snow anywhere to be seen. And all over FB, all those to the North of us were fine. So we took off. It looked like this til we got past High Point, about 13 miles North.

Then this is what it looked like. A totally different world. And here we are with 5" of snow all over our Trooper. People were looking at us like we were aliens! It was so funny. I needed to go to the feed store just up the road from here and they were closed. Yes, closed. Could not believe they were closed. So we went to get bread at the place I get day old bread for the critters, then Whole Foods. Then to Ft. O to Tractor Supply. I knew they'd be open. So we had a truck load of stuff when we headed home. 

Or I would have throw these 2 in the back. Yes, 2 goats, right in the road in High Point, Ga. The white one was a buck but the little brown one is a doe. But I didn't have room. I guess Tiny could have held them.

Got home and I unloaded the car. I feel so much better knowing all my feed barrels are full. Now anything can happen and my animals will be fed. Although I am down to about 15 bales of hay. And I had my friend put the new round bale next door. And the sheep are over here til this "snow"pocolypse is over.

And this is what I found when I came in from feeding all the critters. THIS is why the man can't sleep at night!

From what I've been hearing, this was just the first round of this snow storm. The rest is coming later tonight and tomorrow. But I'm ready! Just wish all this would freeze. It's the nastiest mess out there.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Grand adventure: Looking for spring.

Last week, I decided to take the goats and dogs for a little walk out back. I wanted to see if there were any daffodils popping up yet. There's a few patches of them in a few spots way back behind us. So off we went.

Out the gate and to the left is a little lane that leads to the hay fields and the hills. Sandy is leading the way!

   Up the little lane to the open pasture. You can see the ridge from here.  Bubba and Stella are already to the clearing.

The goats get to the end of the lane and wonder which way to go now. To the left? To the right? Straight?

                            They just don't know so they are running around in circles. Silly goats!

We didn't see any daffodils poking up in the one spot. So we headed up to the big old oak tree to see if there were any up there yet. Bubba and Stella are running around now like wild dogs. They love it back here.

I will let y'all know tomorrow if we saw any daffodils. And continue on with our Grand Adventure.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The wood pile

Yesterday, I went to my first knitting class. It was a few hours. I did learn a lot. And re-learned how to cast-on and some other things. We are going to be knitting a prayer shawl. The class will last 10 weeks. It's fun to get together with fellow knitters.

Then, had to go home and get the husband to get a load of wood up on the mountain at our friend Kid's. He has been keeping us supplied with wood for awhile now. He just retired and the man will not sit still! He has about 25 acres up there and goes out and cuts dead trees, splits them up and calls us to come get them. This is one load from yesterday. Filled the truck up then we stacked it all in this thing that Kid gave us. It got all the wood from that load in there.

                                                  This is the wood shed, almost full again.

This is the other truck load we got yesterday afternoon at Mrs. T's. Her 100 year old oak tree that was cut down last fall. Our son-in-law Jason has been going over there and splitting it for us. He's a great SIL! But this is only ONE load. There are probably 4 more to go. We were too tired to unload this last night when we got home.
  So I made a good hearty breakfast for us this morning. And we will go unload this truck full of wood. And tomorrow, we'll go get another load from Mrs. T's.

We should have enough wood for next year too. But, the weather stations are calling for a big winter storm here for Tuesday and Wed. this week. I have already called it off. I don't want to see any more snow and freezing temps. I am DONE with that! But, IF it does happen, we will be ready for it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

John Henry

I sold John Henry yesterday. He's moved to Tn. to be a herd sire for a mix of goats. I am so happy I sold him instead of making him goat sausage. I don't think he would have been very good. He was a very good buck and did his job well. I just want to find another buck later in the fall. So I am buck free for the moment!