Monday, September 9, 2013

The Martin Davis house tour.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to see the Martin Davis house. Sept. 21st and 22nd is the 150th Civil War reenactment 5 miles up the road from me at the end of W. Cove Rd. in McLemore Cove. So they had an open house at the old Davis house this past weekend, as a sort of kick-off to the reenactment in a few weeks. There were soldiers doing demonstrations and tours of the house. Mom and I did our own tour. I really don't like being in a group and having to wait for the tour guides to talk about everything.

So we snuck around and were able to take lots of pictures. It's a beautiful old home. This sign tells about the house and all the little building surrounding it. I'll post inside pictures this week. It's a beautiful house. I ride past it all the time, going to Lafayette or Chickamauga. So it was fun to finally get to go inside and see it.

A side view of the main house. It's had lots of additions to it through the years.

Some of the little buildings. There was a little school room, a blacksmith shop, doctor's office, store, my favorite, a spinning and weaving room. A few kitchens. It's amazing what they have done here.

This is the original part of the house. You can see how deep the walls are from the top window. And it was really cool in these rooms.

One of the little buildings. I love the fireplace. Most of the rooms had fireplaces. Or little woodstoves, like the school room.

I love how they built this around this tree.  And the leaves were falling all over the little yard here.

More of the original part of the house. The well house in the background with that huge oak tree is beautiful. You can just see Lookout Mt. way in the background.

Close up of the well house and an old log structure. So pretty and cool here.

And this bell with the eagle! So pretty. I love it.

I'll post more pictures through the week of the insides of the house and buildings. It's so pretty here.

I also made 11 more jars of fig preserves and 19 small jars of plantain salve yesterday afternoon. I am making soap and grape jelly today. I can't seem to get in the mood to make soap. I don't know what's wrong with me. Making jelly is so much easier I guess. I also have enough milk now to make feta cheese.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes, it pays to shop. And nap.

This morning I had to go to town for a few things. It was already too hot to do much outside. So went to Walmart first. I found some capris and a few shirts on sale. And a few pairs of shoes. I never find shoes I like. And these both were on sale for just a few dollars.

Then went to Goodwill. I found another pair of capris and 4 shirts and the pretty blue lamb's wool sweater. All on sale half price.

Then next door to Goodwill is another little thrift store that helps a domestic violence shelter. Right away I saw this pretty green sweater. And it's 100% wool. And it was just $1.50! And I found another cute little green blouse. Not bad for a few hours shopping. And only spent about $30.

When I got home, it was about 2. And still really hot. The sun was right on the garden, where I was going to work some. And mow. But I took a nap. I could hardly hold my eyes open. I do this about once a month, just to catch up. I feel better now!

And I did get to mow the whole place this evening. It was a lot cooler and the sun was behind the trees.

Also got to milk Sandy again. Only got about a pint. I might just have to milk her once a day. I'll see how she is tomorrow evening. Her milk is SO good. So rich and creamy.

Had a phone call

AFTER I went to town and saw the sheriff. I told him what all has happened and he called the guy. And he actually answered! But then, when the sheriff told him this was the Walker Co Sheriff's dept, the guy hung up! The sheriff called right back and didn't get an answer.

So about half way home, my phone rings and it's him. And I'm in a place that's pretty bad for reception too. Keep that in mind. He said he'd been trying to call me for days. It goes straight to voice mail. He said he left numerous messages. He's had to go with a different phone company because Verizon is not good where they live. Hmmm...we had to go with Verizon way out here because it was the ONLY phone company that WOULD work way out here.

So he said he and his son came out yesterday to get the kids. He said he called a few times to tell me and left messages. I have nothing on my phone indicating he has EVER called. Nothing. And I have had my phone with me since I started leaving him messages. I do not believe a thing that man has said. He also said he tried to call the sheriff back but didn't get the number. I asked about the kids and wanted to know if they were ok. He said yes, they are fine. They are at the farm now.

I guess that's all folks! I'm done with this little drama. Now I can go work in the yard and plant stuff! Then milk a goat again tonight! Thanks for all the encouragement and I hope this is the end of this story.

P.S. AND next year, when I am ready to sell kids again, I WILL get more info on people buying them. AND I will go see their farms. So I'll just deliver the little rascals myself. Just to be on the safe side next time.

Milking Sandy again

I got to milk Sandy this morning. She had a lot of milk. It took awhile to get her to let it all down for me though. She misses her kids. But she'll be fine.

I was outside picking figs and saw the gate to the buck and ram pen open. Abraham was out in the holding area but no John Henry. I found him, alone, and put them both back in their yard. I had moved the sheep over next door and they were just a fence away from Abraham too. Too close for comfort. I do not want February lambs or kids ever again.

The 1st of October, I will put bucks and the ram with the girls. March sounds like a better time to have lambs and kids.

I'll be going to the police station while I;m in town to report what happened yesterday. Maybe I can get them to call this guy. I just hope the kids are all ok.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Well, how do ya like that?

So, I just got home from market. Sandy is out back bawling her head off. I go to see what's wrong. Well, her kids are gone. Just like that. These people came here and took the kids while I wasn't even here! No note. No calls. Nothing at all. That's just crazy. They did pay for them when they first came out here to see them. But they don't know a thing about these kids. When they were born or what shots they've had. It's just crazy. Not right. I called them and left yet another message saying how I hoped it was them that came out here and got the goats. And thanks for calling.

I have never been through something like this. It's just plain weird. Now I'm going to worry that they'll start calling and wanting to come get the kids and saying it wasn't them that got them. Great.

A dilemma.

I have a problem. Before I left for Colorado, I had put an ad on Craig's list to try and sell these triplet does. I got a call just a few hours later from a couple that were so excited and wanted all 3 and would come out right away to pay for them. They said they couldn't get them til the end of Aug. though, because their farm was not quite ready for the goats. I said that would be just fine as I was leaving for a week and didn't want the girl who was going to come milk Penelope to have to milk Sandy twice a day.

So now it's Sept. 4th. I have called a few times and left messages on the guys phone. I know it's his because he says his name on the voice mail. So this morning I called again. I said first that I hope they are ok. The wife had broken her ankle and was having to go to PT. I said that if I don't hear from them in a few days that I will start charging $5 /day /goat for feed and boarding, starting Sept. 1st. That's going to add up pretty fast to the amount they paid (in full, BTW) and then I will try to sell them again. I do have a copy of the bill of sale that states they will pick the 3 doelings up the end of Aug.

Has anyone had this happen? What did you do? Any other suggestions? I think I have done all I can do right now. I do hope they are ok and that they call and come get these girls.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letting the girls out. Their first time.

Yesterday when I got home about 6:30, I let the girls out. It took them awhile to figure out the door was open. But one by one, they all went out. They didn't know what to do or where to go first! It was just so amazing and exciting to be out there in the wide open world.

                                                              They went this way....

                                                                    and ran that way!

I love the look on this one's face. Like she's totally amazed at all the grass and bugs and wide open spaces she can explore now. Where to begin?

I let them out again about an hour ago. I'll keep letting them out a little longer each day, til they are out all day soon. They are really loving this! I just hope they will stay in the chicken yard and not in MY yard.