Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sweet little bird.

Can you see that cute little bird on top of the white gate inside the barn? Just to the right of the hay? I saw it last week. The barn is right out back from my studio. I was going out and saw this cute lil bird. I started talking to it. I thought it might be in there making a nest. A Barn Swallow. There are a few nests in there from last year. I was going on and on with this bird. Got my camera to take a picture, so walked closer and closer to it. It never did move. Not at all.


Oh my goodness, I felt just like Mrs. T. when she tries to get me to look out the window at the imaginary critters out there.And I keep telling her no, I don't see anything. And she keeps on and on about it. The bird is just a piece of wood sticking up from the gate.

Geeze, I think I might need to go get my eyes checked!


Denny Gross said...

Oh wow, it fooled me, too. I even enlarged the photo and it sure looks like a bird.

Kris said...

I know! I just talked to that little bird for the longest.