Thursday, February 18, 2016

Some goat maintenance. And some silly sheep escapades.

I got the milk room semi cleaned this morning so I could get the goats in there. I gave them both CDT shots and trimmed their hooves. It had been awhile since I'd done that. And they haven't been in the milk room in several months. If I'm not milking, they don't go in there. And it was a bit of a mess. I get lazy during the winter when it comes to that milk room. But I will get in there and get it all ready for milking in the next few weeks.

Sometimes when I look at these guys, I don't think they're pregnant at all.  But I see Freya's udder is getting bigger.

And if you look really close, you can actually see teats on Olga!! And a little udder. But she has some good teats so far. She really needs a good hair cut. But I'll wait til a little closer to kidding. And hopefully, it will be a little warmer. But she's a hairy girl for sure. Don't want any of it in the milk.

I am excited to be having some cute little kids running around again here. It's been a few years.

And there's always something crazy happening around this farm. Especially when it comes to sheep. I had my 2 water buckets outside the studio. I heard the awfullest racket awhile ago. It sounded like one of the sheep had a bucket on their head and was running around the house. It was Cassidy. But the bucket wasn't on her head. It was being dragged behind here on the hay string that was wrapped around her middle. Misha, the alpaca, was chasing her all around the house. The other sheep were running the other way. So I had to go get some more feed and try to get that string off of her. I thought it was wrapped really tight but I was able to pull it off her.

Cassidy seems to be the one who gets in the most trouble. The sheep were out in the garden last month. I had put the electric netting fence around my kale garden so they wouldn't eat it. But Cassidy didn't care that there was a fence around the kale. She had her head through that fence anyway. Then she couldn't get her head out. Then she panicked and got it all wrapped around her. I finally got it off. But the fence is a mess. And she was just fine. A little embarrassed. She's a mess, that girl.

It is a beautiful day today! Blue sky and sunshine! I am taking my wheel outside on the porch and will spin out there. Yay! I have Willie Nelson on Pandora. Greta list of music going. So I am good.

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