Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spinning and Romney wool.

 This is that Romney fleece before washing it. Pretty clean really. It's beautiful and soft!

                                    This is after washing it. Can't wait to start spinning this now. Amazing!

                I just finished plying the blue and white together. Now I can get busy spinning more.

It is freezing outside. And the wind is blowing. I actually walked over here with my "regular" shoes on. The mud is frozen solid. But I cannot spin with shoes on. I have to be either bare foot or with socks. And I think I need to put my wheel on a little rug. It likes to go for a wlk when I'm spinning. Very bad wheel.


Sandra Morris said...

Romney wool, one of my favorites :)
Have fun spinning.

Kim said...

My loom walks too! We are trying to come up with a way to keep it in place

Kris said...

Yes, I think Romney is my favorite too, next to Finn of course.

I have a small rug here I am going to try for my spinning wheel. That should keep it still. I hope you find something for yours, Kim.