Friday, February 12, 2016

Officially finished!

I am now officially finished washing all of the 2015 wool!!!!!! Found 1 more bag of Darla wool, so got it all washed up. So that is all the wool from last year done!

Look at this wool. This is Darla, who is Suffolk-Finn. So pretty. And makes really warm leggings too!

                                      Most of her wool is at least 6". And it washed up really pretty.

I got a wild hair yesterday and started making this 100% wool pillow. It's made with old thrift store sweaters and stuffed with mt sheep's wool. It has 4 pretty ceramic buttons too. I love it. It' 7.55 oz. and is 11x14". It's for sale for $20 plus shipping if you'd like the very first Outback Farm 100% wool pillow.

I'll be making lots more of these.

I posted this on my FB page and someone said I should find a local potter who makes buttons to use on the pillows. Well, I have signed up for a pottery class that starts Feb. 23rd!! It goes for 8 weeks. On Tuesday nights, which I'm not thrilled about at all. Plus it's like 40 miles from here, around the mountain. I hate driving at night. But it'll start getting lighter soon. It's a 3 hour class and they want us to come in at least once a week to practice.  I am so excited about this because I have always wanted to learn to make pottery. The lady I take care of was a wonderful potter. She still has 2 kilns. I asked about about the smallest one. So who knows? And I am getting a wheel from a friend who doesn't want his anymore! Yay! So, if I am any good at this, I hope to be making my own yarn bowls soon. And mugs. And bowls. And plates. And buttons. And....

Also going to a basket weaving class in March. Fun!

My oldest grand daughter starts guitar lessons tomorrow. My son-in-law found her a beautiful Fender guitar with a lot of extras for just $100. She will love it I'm sure. Now I need to find something for the middle grand daughter to do. Maybe we could take archery lessons together?

Y'all have a wonderful weekend. It's gonna be freezing cold here and more snow Monday. Ugh. Ready for spring. I am so over this freezing coldness.


Kim said...

I love the pillow. It is beautiful and I love the whole idea of 100% wool. But I have to ask how would you wash it?

Kris said...

Really COLD water! Probably hand wash. Maybe I should felt the sweaters first?