Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A rainy Tuesday in the studio.

 I have been so cold all day. It started out beautiful, with bright blue sky ans sunshine. But as the day went on, it got cloudy and then started raining. A cold rain. So I have had heaters on over here in my studio all day. And I'm still cold. Ugh, I am So over this cold already. And wet mucky mud. SO over it!

But I have all this warm beautiful wool with play with! So much wool. I've been working on Buttercup's wool. Lots of combing. And more combing. For days, I've been combing her wool. And that was just 1 tote full. I still have one more to go of hers!

And I've been spinning her wool, for days. It takes a few days to get just 1 bobbin full. I just now finished the 2nd bobbin. I weighed each one and they are 10.60 and 10.70. Pretty good, I think. Now to ply them. But I don't think I can sit and do any more tonight. It really hurts my back.

I thought I was all done washing wool. But I found a little tote under some others a few days ago. So got it washed and it's so pretty. Can't even remember where it came from. Or what it is. I love the colors.

I've also been combing some of that gorgeous Romney fleece. I love this and can't wait to spin it soon.

And I have got to get this blanket finished. It just needs a little bit more around the border. That's all. So I brought it over here to do. I just keep piling more and more on me to do. One day, it might all be done. Then what will I do?


Donna said...

All that beautiful, soft, lovely white fiber! It makes me smile. Keep smiling - warm weather will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're having my dream winter. I just took a beginning spinning class this January and wish I could be totally immersed in wool! I like all the photos of your fiber in various stages, and that blanket is lovely.

Becki said...

All that wool (in it's various stages) looks just wonderful. And the blanket is beautiful. We've just had the bitterest cold streak of our winter and we're heading directly into the 50's by tomorrow! This is one wild and wacky winter.

Kris said...

Donna, I keep dreaming of nice warm weather. But again, it was freezing here today. And I was out in it all day too. Thank goodness wool is so warm!

Kris said...

realnicetaste, how fun to be just beginning! I took a class at John C. Campbelle Folk school in N.C. a year ago this past November. I loved it. I want to go back. I hope you get some nice fleeces to work with.

Kris said...

Becki, enjoy your day tomorrow! It was supposed to be in 50's and 60's here the rest of the week. We'll see. It's just too cold. The kind of cold where I just can't get warm.