Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December already!

    I am so busy I don't know where to start. Or go. I have a Holiday Market at 2 different churches the next 2 Saturdays that I am trying to get ready for. I've been ordering fleeces and getting some of them delivered. I've been washing a white Romney fleece I got Monday, so I can make dryer balls, snow people and owls with it for markets.

Also trying to take care of Mrs. T and her household problems. And trying to spend time with my Mom and sister, while she's here at Mom's. I am SO thankful my sister Heidi has been able to be here so much during this time. My mom fell a few weeks ago and broke her right knee. She won't be able to drive til after Christmas now. She's walking, so can do some things for her self now. And my brother was her last week from Colorado. He left Monday morning. So it's been fun. And lots of food. And traveling here and there.

So I am trying to get some things made for the holiday markets in between all this. Haven't had much luck though. I have 2 more full days to work at it. Just seems like so much to be done still.

And my hive outback was empty last Friday when I was showing my brother the hives. Slap empty. Well, we did see a few bees buzzing around it. I was just stunned to find it empty. It was full just the day before. I've been feeding both hives sugar water so I know there were bees in both hives.

So now, the garden hive bees have been out back in that hive, cleaning it out. I suppose some of that hive's bees joined the garden hive. The queen must have died. I did see what looked like a few queen cells on the bottom of a few frames up there. But the bees are doing a good job of getting all the pollen and honey moved to the good hive. When they are done, I'll put that hive away for next year's new bees. Or a split from the garden hive.

So this is why I have not been here lately. Just so much to do! What is going on in your lives out there in blog land?


Betty Ann said...

So busy this time of year! No time to chat. I do check in every few days to keep up with you! Glad you did not lose all your bees. Good luck at markets.

An At Home Daughter said...

We just recently had our bee's fly the coup also. They got invaded by wasps. We fought ants all summer and then this happened. It's very frustrating.

I made my own slouchy hat, out of some of the wool I spun, after seeing the one you made : )

Do you wash the fleeces in your washing machine?


Kris said...

Betty Ann, I know you're busy too. But try to slow down when you can. Thanks for stopping by when you can.

Kris said...

Kimberly, isn't that fun to make something out of your very own sheep's wool? I love it.

I haven't actually washed a fleece yet in the washer. But I do go ahead and rinse them in it. Then do the spin cycle to get all the water out. I have a few fleeces that aren't very greasy, so might try washing in the washer.