Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Working around here

 See this tree? See where it's headed?

Right onto the little barn out back. Not a good thing. So it's being cut down today. The sheep are back there, so they'll eat all the pine needles. This little barn is old, but built to last forever. It's oak, from rough cut boards. I have tried to pound nails into these boards. It can't be done. The man who built this place, he wanted things to be here a very long time! So he built to last.

I spent a good part of Monday going around the electric fence, taking off branches that had fallen over the wires, trimming underneath, tightening the wires, moving things around. Last time the sheep were out here, Cora Belle had gotten out and was at the top of the hill, baaaaing like crazy.

Some of the posts needed to be replaced, so got those put in this morning. Fixed the ground wire and turned it back on. It's hot again!

So let the sheep out there this morning. There's green grass out here. So they will be happy for a few days here.

Had to get another round bale of hay Monday. They had eaten all but a little pile in the corner. I think the first bale lasted a month. So $35 a bale plus $5 to deliver, I think I can live with that. I'll have to get at least 4 more. SO much cheaper and less waste than square bales. And I don't even have to touch them!!!!

Buttercup, on the left here, and one of the Tappit brothers, were playing. She could be in heat. But the boys are wethers now, so nothing going on there. I have decided to not breed the sheep this year. I'll wait til the lambs are bigger and try to find a Romney ram for next fall. I am in love with Romney wool, so will see how the wool is with the Finn/ I love my Finn wool. And together, I think that would be some really awesome fiber.

Getting ready for market this cold gloomy dreary Wed. afternoon. Just picked collards, lettuce, kale and wild chives. Plus, found some wild dock growing out in the garden. I looked it up and it can be used like any green. I really want to do wild edibles. There is so much growing here that's wild and so nutritious and beneficial to us. I'll take some to market and see how it goes.

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