Sunday, December 14, 2014

Markets and dog fur.

Went to the last holiday market yesterday. Only had enough room for the length of 1 table, so had to get creative and go up. I asked my husband to make a tree out of the free wood a friend gave us, to hand ornaments from. And stacked the crates up for the soap. Brought the wire rack for soap too. I had the basket of dryer balls on the floor in front. So it all worked out. And got lots of compliments on how it looked. It was a really long day. It was over at 4 but by the time I was loaded up, it was 4:45. And still had to go shopping for Mrs. T.

And 2 of my lambs, Cara and Campbelle, were in a live nativity at a church in Lafayette Friday and Sat. night. So had to go get them. We all went and made it to the last tour though the town of Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. It was a really good depiction of what it was like, with people dressed in the clothing and selling things like bread and fish and baskets and oil. And live animals. My lambs were a big hit with everyone. And they were so good. I think they liked laying close to the little fire the shepherds had going.

This is the tree my husband made. He did a really good job. Everyone loved it. And this will be our Christmas tree! I'll put some lights on it and put some little ornaments on it and call it done. I sold several little sheep and pins cushions and dryer balls.

And this is some of the softest ever dog fur. I have been asking for a year now for some of Chester's dog fur from a customer. She brought me this bag full of it yesterday. I love it. It feels like alpaca. So I am going to spin this in with some of my gray-brown Romney wool and see what happens.

I think I'll go to the Main St. farmer's market this Wed. and that will be it. I said yesterday was the last market, but I'd like to sell more soap. So I'll have a sale buy 4 bars of soap and get 2 free. If anyone needs some, let me know. I can get them in a flat rate envelope or box. I know the box is $5.95 but the envelope is probably cheaper.

After Wed. my car will be cleaned out and stuff put away til next spring. I am tired. And need to be making Christmas gifts.

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Betty Ann said...

You deserve a long winter's nap. And some sugarplums too!