Monday, December 29, 2014

Just a few things...

 Some of the things I made as Christmas gifts for family.

This is my youngest, Abby, modeling her cowl, ear warmers and boot cuffs. I used Wooly Moss Roots wooden buttons. I love them. And I love green. Can ya tell?

This is Jason, Abby's husband. I made him 2 hats. Looks like this one will keep his head warm.

And my mom will hate me for this one, but it's the only picture I took of her 2 cowels.  Seems like I made a lot of these. Made some for the caretakers for Mrs. T too. They are fun to make. I am working on a knitted cowel for someone now. It takes forever to knit though.

I have been spinning for a few days now. I am sore. It takes a long time to get a few skeins of yarn from these sheep. I'll do another post tomorrow.


Iris said...

You're right!! I love my gifts, but hate the picture. My head looks too big for my body. Can you fix it.....make my body bigger, or my head smaller????????

Kris said...

Mom, you need to eat more, then you might get bigger. You were saying "two cowls" when I took the picture. I love it, so there.