Saturday, November 29, 2014

1st crocheted hats...

 My sister has been here since Monday, staying with mom. We went to my niece's in Tn. Wed. to learn to crochet hats. My sister just learned to crochet and loves it. And I have crocheted for years, but have never made hats. I had learned to knit a hat a few years ago, but it takes too long. And I HATE round knitting needles. So Jill said to come on up and she'd teach us a simple hat. And it really is simple and that's what we like! So this is my first hat. Made for my youngest grand daughter, Kansas, who was more than happy to be my model. She's just a natural, don't you think?

And this is my 2nd hat, made for my oldest grand daughter Chloe, who was too shy to model it. So Kansas said she would. It's more slouchy, which I like.

This is the 3rd hat, made today in a few hours, at my mom's. For my oldest daughter, Heather. I first made one too many rows at the beginning, where I have to add a few more stitches. So when she tried it on, it was quite big. Like she could do her hair in dreads and it would have fit fine. So I took it all out to the 5th row and then went from there to this.

I learned a new  stitch to make a ribbed look. I love this stitch. Something like front and back stitch. And this pattern is SO easy and fast to make for even a beginner. Heidi, my sister, who has just started crocheting, has already made 2 hats. So this is what we have been doing together. I love it!

So everyone is getting crocheted hats and scarves for Christmas this year! Done!

Thanksgiving was different this year. My youngest daughter and her husband always had to leave to get to his parents house by 4 on Thanksgiving day. So we decided to do it on Friday this year. So Thursday, we just had a ham dinner at Mom's. Friday, everyone came to my house and we had turkey and all the rest of the usual stuff. So much nicer.

AND, this is the first year I DID NOT LEAVE MY HOUSE!!! The WHOLE day! It was fantastic! We have always gone shopping on Friday. But the past few years, I have not wanted to go. But my mom always made me go with her. So I did. Naw, I really did enjoy spending time with mom. Just the past few years, I haven't even wanted to think about Christmas. And getting out in all that mess? UGH! Not my favorite thing to do anymore. Plus, Mom had broken her knew a few weeks ago, so can't be on her feet too long. So it was different this year. I am not complaining  at all.

I hope you all had a wonderful week with family and friends. And that you didn't eat too much.


An At Home Daughter said...

I love the slouchy hat. I need to make one of those.

I love to crochet hats they are so fast to make if you have a good pattern. I have tried following so many patterns that have flaws in the pattern when your 3/4 of the way through or don't even turn out looking like the picture. I found one pattern that I love. It has the FPDc and BPDc around the bottom to hold it on your head like you were talking about. It's the hat pattern that I stick to, but change it up sometimes.

I have wanted to learn to knit a hat for a long time, but tried knitting and gave up years ago. I have finally started learning to knit and I think its going to be a long time before I am able to knit that hat....

I will have to send you the hat pattern to try, but don't have your e-mail.

Betty Ann said...

Cute hats!! I also love the slouchy one.