Saturday, December 20, 2014


I put some ornaments on the other tree this morning. I love seeing all the old ones I have had for years.

On the left here is an ornament my oldest daughter Heather made from an egg carton. It used to have a few more and some little bells. But it's only about 30 years old, so some things have fallen off. But I always put it on the tree.

The round ball in the middle is Heather's 1st ornament, from 1979. It goes on every year too.

And the little red box is an ornament our good friend Libby made for one of her Sunday school classes that Abby was in. 1983. I miss Libby so much. She died this past March, from a long battle with cancer. Still can't believe the Lord took her so soon.

And this is a little card a friend of Heather's gave her in school way back in 1987. I still put this on the tree every year too. Funny how certain things just mean so much this time of year.

This is my oldest grand daughter, Chloe. I made one of these for all 3 of my grand daughters for 2003. And I try to get them each their own ornament that has something to do with what they like, so they can have them when they get their own trees.

The little mice in the stocking is one of many ceramic ornaments I made a few years after my husband and I were married back in '78. A friend's sister had a ceramic studio and I'd go make some ornaments there. I made several of these little mouse ornaments.

 This is Coryn's, the middle child. She loves shoes.

And of course Kansas, the youngest.

I do wish each of you the merriest of Christmas' and the best new year ever!


Bob said...

Betsy and I wish you and Tiny a blessed and very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.


Kris said...

Thank you Bob. I wish the same for you and Betsy. Did she have surgery or something? I hope all is well with her.

Happy new year to you both!!