Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yeah, farming is dangerous.

I am always getting cut on wire or scraped on fencing. Or hit with a hammer. Or stepped on by sheep or goats. Or even rammed by rams. Clawed by chickens. Scratched by cats. I can just walk by a wild rose or blackberry bush and I am dripping blood. Or in the very short goat barn, I am constantly hitting my head. I am surprised I haven't knocked myself out yet. Or broken a leg or arm. Or sprained an ankle. Just little things like this is dangerous to me. Like just this morning I stepped on a nail putting the ewes back out in the pasture. I am soaking my foot right now in Epsom salt water. I almost cut my thumb off almost 2 years ago cutting up meat for dog food and had to get stitches. They made me get a tetanus shot, thank goodness. I didn't really want it, but am glad I got it now. Farming is dangerous!

There was a guy last spring not too far from me, that was baling hay and his baler messed up. He didn't turn the tractor off and had his arm up in the baler and it sucked his arm up and he almost went in too. He was very fortunate and he lived. But his arm is all mangled and he won't be able to use it much. God sure protects us when we do unwise things. This guy has 2 young children and a wife to take care of.

So every day, I am glad I haven't broken or sprained anything. I can't afford to hire someone to do what I have to do here every day. I need to be more careful.


SweetLand Farm said...

Yup I hear ya! I usually don't go unscathed while farming every year. I always try to be careful, but things do happen and I am thankful it wasn't worse! Take care of your foot! I had to get a tetanus shot a few years ago too! Ouch!

Kris said...

It is scary out there sometimes! I am always in a hurry too and don't always watch where I'm going. I usually have bruises all over or cuts and I don't remember how it happened. Someone said I should get another shot. And someone else said they stepped on a nail about a month ago and it got infected. Ya just never know.