Monday, November 19, 2012

They got one!

This year I have noticed a lot of squishy places in the soil, along the driveway and in some other places. It's really hard to walk on it, like quick sand. Lots and lots of tunnels being dug around here. It had to be a vole or mole or something small. I have not noticed them out in the garden yet, but getting close.

So this morning, I saw a little dead thing on the grass. Looks like a mole. And looks like it's been dead a few days. I think it could be Stella that got it. She's been digging lots of holes where the tunnels are. Good dog! Or it could have been Sophie, who is a Rat Terrier, and they like to catch things like that. But she's 15 years old and doesn't do much anymore. So I think it must have been Stella.

One down, a few hundred to go. Get busy, Stella!

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