Thursday, November 1, 2012


My little camera is dead. For a long time now I was not able to look back at the pictures I had just taken. Then a few weeks ago the bottom that held the batteries in broke and fell off. I had black electrical tape holding the batteries in after that and it worked fine. Then last night I dropped it on the pavement and the top part where I turn it on was raised up. It still turned on and I took a few pictures. Well, then I dropped the darn thing again and that was all the poor thing could take. It's dead now for sure.

So I need a new camera. I would love to hear all the good things about the cameras you all use so I can start looking for another one. I love taking pictures and already feel lost without mine. So any help would be great! Thanks.


Kristin said...

RIP little camera.

I have a Nikon, but usually just use the camera on my iphone because it's always in my back pocket.

White Sheep Farm said...

Most everyone asks me what kind of camera I use, and are SHOCKED to find out it is just a cheap ... errrrrrr ... inexpensive Kodak easy share!
For cheap money you cane get one and if you drop it out in the pasture ( like I have a million and one times) you are not out to much cash!
good luck with your search, I would love a Rebel. but to much$$$$$$$

SweetLand Farm said...

That sucks. Sorry I'm no help on this subject. Hope you find a good one though!!

Kris said...

Thanks, y'all. I guess that would be my best bet to get a cheaper camera since I am a dropper. I hate shopping though. I have to be in the mood. But I do need one. I just have a regular cell phone that does take pictures but I can't load them into the computer.

White Sheep Farm said...

Go to you page that says over view on it ... The page you do your post from. looking at the page on the right side you will see a box that says publish post on the go (get blogger for mobil) Click on it. that will bring you to another page scroll down to attach photos ... and just go from there. Hope that helps.