Monday, November 12, 2012


Yep. 85 degrees in this house right now. I am sweating. I have windows open. This wood stove will be great when it's down below 20. But right now? It's too hot. But I am so glad we got it though.  It even heats upstairs really good too. So it will pay for itself this winter for sure.


emilysincerely said...

Hi Kris. We have been warm lately, but my house has not been 85 for a while now. We are cooling down tonight with our possible first freeze (so. TX)

I found your recipe for elderberry syrup a few months ago and made it up today. NICE STUFF. I have a few questions, can you email me at the email listed to post this comment? thanks, Emily

Kris said...

Hi Emily. I joined your blog so you'll get my email there I guess. I looked for your email but didn't see it. Anyway, I guess S. Tx. has been getting cold lately like us. It's nice and comfortable in the house now since it got actually cold outside. And I got an extension cord for the blower. That helped. We also turned the ceiling fan backward to blow the heat outward. I have to keep my bedroom door shut. I have a down comforter that keeps me plenty warm at night. I'm glad you made the syrup. I saw over on one of my other favorite blogs, Jabez Farm, that Kim made some too. Everyone makes theirs different. But it all works. Have a great day! And thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to do the handmade pay it forward thing but really need to get busy on the Holiday Market in Dec. When that is done, I'll have plenty of home made things.