Monday, August 8, 2016

Just some more pottery...

I worked on some more pottery last week. But this clay is was too soft. These mugs are still not totally dry enough. The 2 flower bowls were from some clay I had left over from the last bag. They were starting to get all wonky at the tops so I made the scallops. And I made 4 pretty good sized mugs and 2 more yarn bowls. Going to take them to get fired later today.

These are some I had done a few weeks ago. They are ready to glaze now I hope. The power was off to the kilns at the studio. Right in mid fire too. But they all turned out good. I hope all my things are ready to glaze now. I had made some soap dishes. Can't wait to see them.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back up again!

Last night, when I got home, there was a note on the door. The parents of the boy who landed on my sign last week had come to get the sign to fix it. They said they would be back today to put it up.

And they did. I went down to talk to them when I saw their truck. They said their own truck had broke down. The transmission went out on it. They would have been back sooner if not for that. They were using someone else's truck.

So I asked about their son, since I didn't see him with them. He was still pretty sore. Also hurt his back. He has leukemia and is in remission. He did pass out because he was dehydrated. I feel bad now for saying he was probably playing Pokemon Go. Sorry.

They also had a really pretty pot of black-eyed-Susans and a bag of soil to plant in the metal pot. I told them that was really nice and the flowers were so pretty, but I hadn't planted anything in the pot because it's just too hard to keep it watered. I need something that doesn't need a lot of water. The guy said maybe a cactus would work. We all got a laugh over that!

Anyway, they did a good job and my sign is back up again. I feel better now.

And it's been really raining for a long time now!

Friday, August 5, 2016

A happy Friday.

As I sit here this morning, there is a huge bucket truck out in the sheep yard, right outside my studio. They are trimming (well, actually, cutting half of) the maple tree off the power lines. And a little bit of the apple tree under it. I have given some of the limbs full of leaves to the goats.

Last night I was out in the garden and saw these 2 beautiful butterflies flying around the Mexican sunflower. They are so pretty.

Then they both landed on this flower! Isn't this cool? I love it!

And still just 1 sunflower open. It was a busy place last night, with bees on it.

I saw a lot of ripe elderberries, so decided to go ahead and gather them. I got a baggie full. The rest will be ripe in a few weeks.

It's time for another Sherrill family reunion this weekend! I love spending time with family. It's at a church camp up in Ozone, Tn. It's got a lake so people can fish and swim. And a nice cool building where we all gather to eat. It's a fun day.

And the sign is still laying out there. I hope the boy is ok.

Have a happy fun weekend y'all!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A wreck.

My husband called me while I was at the farmers market Tuesday afternoon. He said we had a little excitement out here. My first thought was that the sheep had gotten out on the road and caused a wreck. But he said a car had lost control and ended up on the big metal pot under my farm sign. Broke the posts right in two and knocked the sign down.

If you can see that red mail box beyond the tree, that's where the car started . You can see the tracks in the grass.

Then I guess he flew over this stump and up onto the other stump, then the metal pot and the sign.

The stump in the last picture is to the left of the metal pot. I'm just glad the boy didn't go through the fence.

A teenager was driving. He said he just lost control of the car. His parents think he might have blacked out. He was ok but they went ahead and took him to get checked out. I think he was playing Pokemon Go.

They said they would be back yesterday to put the sign back up. It's still laying on the ground this morning.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sheep, goats and evening sky.

Last night after I milked the goats, I let the sheep out there with them. I saw this beautiful evening sky. Isn't it awesome?

Then I went out to the garden. I noticed all the sunflowers were facing west, following the sun. All except the one flower that had already bloomed. Maybe it was too heavy to turn?

And this morning, they are all facing east again.Just amazing.

Happy hump day y'all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I finally got the comfrey planted. I was trying to figure out where to put it because I was told they can take over pretty quick. So I had put them up under this cedar tree since I got them. They seemed to do well there. It's shaded most of the day and I read they don't like full sun. But can handle it if watered well. So decided to put them right here. I was going to buy some good soil but realized I have the best soil ever right here in the chicken-sheep yard. It's amazing stuff. I used some to plant the mints and rosemary in in the trough planter. And they are doing great. I also got 2 surprise tomato plants growing in with them!

I put this fencing up to keep the chickens out til they get established. I know they will grow huge and spread, so I'll have to see which way they go.

This is the soil from the sheep manure and chicken manure plus old hay the chickens are composting for me. I have 2 stalls that look like this, plus the chicken coop too.

Can't wait to start using this amazing plant. I'll make salves and soap with it. Plus let the animals have some too. Supposed to be really good for them.

Monday, August 1, 2016

1st sunflower!

I was out milking the other morning, and noticed this beautiful sunflower in the garden. The first one so far! I love sunflowers. I have really babied these guys too. Watered them a lot. They are in the middle of the bean rows. I didn't even water the beans much. Just the sunflowers.

I am trying yogurt again. I got the milk a little hotter and added more yogurt, plus some of the thin yogurt from the other day. After 24 hours wrapped in the blanket, I'll put them in the fridge. I hope this will work and I get thicker yogurt. I did use the other that I made last week in a smoothie. It was good. But I want nice thick yogurt.