Thursday, July 27, 2017

Emmy's adventure

This is Emmy. In the front seat of my husband's truck this morning. Ready for her new adventure. She was going to live with Frodo, Tom and Pippin at my friend Lori's farm.

I also had the back of the truck full of pallets for my friend Cara for a little shelter  when she got her sheep, and a gallon of goat milk to deliver to another friend. Then I had to go interview a potential caregiver for Mrs. T at 12:30.

The pallets and milk were on the way to Lori's and I was going to drop them off first. But then, Emmy was in the front seat of my husband's truck. And I was so afraid she might pee.

I did decide to drop the milk off. I ran in and ran back out in less than 3 minutes. And she had pooped. It stunk bad. She didn't pee though. So hurried as fast as I could to Lori's so I could get her out of the truck.

We got there without anything else happening. Got her out and found the boys and let her go with them. They have a great big yard full of grass and good things for lambs to eat. Lori wants to keep her to breed later for more meat sheep.

Went to the interview. There were 2 of the caretakers there at the time Jean came, so we all just loved her! Mrs. T did too. I think she will be a great fit for us. Mrs. T's daughter will be here next week and will meet her and Jean will work with another of the caregivers and stay the night, to see how things are done there. Then if she's hired, she will start working!! I so hope this works. We've been looking for someone for a few months now. Hard to find good caretakers.

Then went and dropped off the pallets. Cara was coming to get more sheep! She got 2 ram lambs, Legolas and Bilbo, plus Bilbo's mother Cameron, and Eryn, one of Buttercup's triplets. Emmy is another of the triplets  and I'm keeping Ella. So the boys will be butchered and she will keep the ewes for starting a flock of meat sheep. She'll breed them with a Katahdin ram.

It turned out Cara couldn't get all 4 of the sheep in the back part of her van, so I ended up taking Cameron and Bilbo in my Trooper. Oh my goodness, it was a mess of poop and pee by the time I got there. And it's only like 10 miles away! Then we had to put the other 2 lambs in to get them to where their new pen was. It was SO gross!

So I have sold 7 lambs and a ewe. Cameron was my only black ewe, but her wool wasn't really that good. So I decided to sell her. And Bilbo is such a momma's boy. He's as big as her.

I have 14 sheep now. It feels good. I've kept 2 boys, so if their wool isn't very good, they'll be butchered later.

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