Sunday, July 16, 2017


this is Freya when I brought her and Olga home last Monday morning. She could barely stand. She was so sick.

I am not blaming anyone for this at all. Freya is a very persnickety goat. She does not like most people. And when my friend would come to milk her if I went away a few days, she never could catch her. She's just that way.

I never thought this would happen though, when I took her and Olga to stay with her, so I could have a little break. And be able to go places. Like to see my sister down in South Ga. That's where I was when she called to say Freya was really sick. She was doing all she knew to do for her. I was giving her suggestions too. But didn't know she was this bad.

They'd only been there a few weeks. But my friend also had all 4 of their doe kids. She had put them all together when I first took them to her. And immediately Freya's triplets went right to her and started nursing. And they are almost as big as her. That was probably the first mistake.

Then the heat. And not the best shelter for goats. Then she moved the 3 milk goats to a pen alone. But the kids could still see their mommas. So stress was a big factor too.

She had gotten some Today for what looked like mastitis. And was rubbing her udder with peppermint oil. Had her in a small pen alone with hay and water.

This started Saturday, a week from yesterday. I came home when she called Sunday morning. I went to pick them up Monday morning. Freya looked SO bad. I almost cried. We got the goats in my Trooper and back home. I thought they would both perk up when they got back home. Into their barn. I put a fan out there for them. Got to work on Freya.

I started giving her antibiotics because she sounded horrible, like my sister when she has bronchitis. So I was thinking she probably had pneumonia too, on top of mastitis. And stress. Also gave her B shots, Red Cell, probios. Also mixed up some salt, baking soda, sugar and ACV to add to their water for electrolytes. Started feeding Freya kale, spinach, parsley, collard greens. I went out and cut anything green I could find. Anything green. She ate!

Gradually, every day, she started getting stronger and eating more. And getting farther outside the barn! Eating grass.

So now she looks like this. I'll spare more pictures. Like her udder. The whole right side was gone, like so dried up. The left side was hard. No fever. No pain. I kept giving her the Today and antibiotics and everything else. And I started rubbing comfrey salve on her udder. Gradually, her right side is coming back! And has milk in it! But the left side is still not too good yet. It is improving!

So, this morning, I go out and to milk Olga and feed Freya and give her all her stuff. And can't find Freya. Anywhere. Olga was there, ready to be milked. But no Freya.

After I milked Olga I went to look for Freya. And finally found her out in the jungle next door. See if you can find her.

 She is SO much better today from a week ago. I just never gave up and neither did she! She's a fighter for sure!

And I did call a vet, but really, he doesn't know any more than I do about goats or sheep. I started doing research. And called my 2 goat friends. Who are amazing! Could NOT have done this without them for sure! And sent them up dates every day. They are both amazed too.

So this is a true goat miracle. And I am getting a gallon a day of good milk from Olga alone.

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