Monday, July 17, 2017


Is what I weighed last Monday. OMG! Well, actually, I was thinking I was more like 270 or something. So not quite as bad as I was thinking. But still, BAD!

I went down to S. Ga. week before last, to see my sister. The first motel I stayed in had big mirrors all over in the bathroom. I almost cried! It was awful.

So I decided when I got back home, that I was getting back on the no sugar, no flour wagon again. And I've done really good. I have lost 6 pounds already!!! Down to 238.

So, I will try to only  weigh on Monday mornings. And do a little post about the weight loss. This big ole tummy has got to go!

I already feel so much better, just not eating sweets. It was really getting bad, I'm telling you. Back to the old ways, so fast. And it's so easy!

So I am going to do this again. I have to.

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