Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Less and less.

Yesterday 3 lambs left the farm. Frodo, Tom Bombadil and Pippin. My friend Sarah got Frodo and Lori got the other 2. They will stay at Lori's place. Lori already said she's falling in love with them all. I can believe that! They are certainly addictive. Lori's husband want s a ewe lamb too, so I think Emmy would be a good one.

I went out last night and just watched them. They really are calming. When they're being good!

I am so glad I have my 2 alpacas. They love their sheep. And they really are good guard animals, no matter what people say. If they see something strange, they make the loudest screech ever and the sheep run to the barn, as fast as they can! The boys will stay until all danger is past.

This is Elin. She's staying. She's Adalaide's ewe lamb. Her brother Legolas might be sold.

I want to keep her just to see if her wool is going to be good. Adalaide has the most kinky wool for a Finn. I have not spun it yet. Most of it will be made into dryer balls, unless if I take it to a mill, they can make roving with it. I do hope Elin's will be better. It's a creamy very light reddish color.

My friend who bought all my doe kids told me she might like to get some lambs for meat and to start a flock. I told her I would sell Cameron and her son Bilbo, Legolas and Eryn. So she'd have 2 ewes to start a flock of meat sheep. She can breed with a Katahdin and have really good sized lambs and good meat.

So if she gets those 4 and Lori gets another lamb, that'll leave me with 14. I think I might be able to handle that.

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