Tuesday, July 11, 2017


She's finally REALLY 100 today!

This lady, who has been telling everyone she meets that she's 100 or 102 or 104, is finally 100 years old today!

She's an amazing lady. Still lives in her home that her parents built when she was 8 years old. Has been married  3 times. Has 3 wonderful grown children who love her dearly and take such good care of her. I love her too. She's just amazing. I can finally say I know someone who is a centenarian!

Ooppps, didn't mean to put 2 on here.

Mrs. Thomas. I remember about 33 years ago when I first met her. We bought a house a few houses down from her. We were out in the yard one day in early spring and she came around the house and down to where we were and introduced herself. She was beautiful and tall and just stunning. She was a potter and an artist and an avid gardener. Was always working in her very large yard, full of azaleas and box woods that her mother had planted so many years ago. (She got me started on gardening and gave me many plants and flowers from her yard.) It's still a beautiful yard, but you can tell she has not been in it in years. But she has a few yard people who are working on it and it's getting back to where it used to be.

Me and a friend home schooled our kids for a few years and Mrs. T taught them all art every other week. They loved it. She was a teacher for 10 years too. I still have some of the things my kids made there.

She used to go off on long trips during the summers and I'd be the "care taker" of her place while she was gone. I loved going over there and walking through her yard, watering all her plants and flowers, or just sitting in her house for awhile. I love how it smells. She has the most beautiful stone sun room that has the best view of her yard and all the bird feeders we keep full for the birds. And squirrels.

Lots of good memories! I hope she has many many more good years with us all.

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Iris said...

I remember seeing her through the years when we'd visit ya'll. She was always smiling, a beautiful lady, interested in so many things. She is still beautiful, and is usually smiling. Very sweet lady!!