Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's December 1st?

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Crazy fast.

We have not had our wood stove on for about a week now. It's not been all that cold. Although it's been raining since Sunday. Just wet, wet, wet, everywhere! I do not like all this rain. I think since I have all these animals I have to keep fed and dry, it's harder on me. And I can't seem to find a good pair of much boots. I got some black rubber boots that go  about half way up my leg. But when I where shorts or capris, I get mud slung all over me. They're not tight boots, so I also get hay and dirt inside the boots too. I'll keep looking.

I just tried to post a picture but I got this box that popped up saying in order to select an item from my online storage, I have to sign in. That's Google. So I tried all that and still nothing. When did this happen?

I think it may be time to change to another blog site.


Kim said...

Kris.....I found a great pair of black mucks at Rural King and they fit well around my legs when I am wearing pants and if I am wearing shorts I put a tall sock on with them. After all not going for great looks you know! My hubs even went and got him a pair I liked mine so much and not expensive at all. And I made me a fleece liner for when it gets cold outside.

Kris said...

I don't think we have those around here. There's a big farm store in Hixson, Tn. I could check there. Thanks!

I think we ended up getting around 4" of rain here. There's flooding all around. Lookout Mt. had raging waterfalls all over it. I can hear them from here.