Thursday, December 3, 2015


 on some needle felting today and tomorrow for the Holiday Markets coming up the next 2 Saturdays. I know, I always wait til the last minute. I work better under pressure. I like doing it this way for some reason. When I have a long time to think about something, I don't like it.

The sheep. All these are made with my sheep's wool. The all black sheep is from black alpaca a friend gave me though. But the inside is my wool. It's so soft. I love alpaca fiber. I still have not spun any of my alpacas though. I will soon.

And some pin cushions so far. I love making these. And dryer balls too. But they take so long for me.

What are y'all working on these days? And Christmas gifts yet? I do believe that's what my family will be getting. Something wooly!

So yesterday and today the sun is out!!!! The winds blowing today, so hopefully it and the sun will dry us up here. It's freezing too. We had to start a fire up in the wood stove yesterday. Got to about 32 last night and is still cold. But no more rain til next Tuesday! And then just a little.

My sister and niece are heading up here from S. Ga. today. They'll be going to the markets with me to sell some of their things. Heidi's been working like a crazed woman on all kinds of cool stuff to sell. Can't wait to see her and Audrey and her things. And we are having our Thanksgiving dinner Sunday! Yay!


Kim said...

The items are lovely. I am sure they will sell well for you at market. And by the way if you need to adopt a sister for christmas just let me know....LOL!

Kris said...

Thank you Kim! I could always use another sister. Mine lives so far away.

Kristin said...

Those pin cushions are so cute!

Kris said...

Thank you! I didn't sell any at that market but did sell lots of sheep. I will be going to another holiday market this Sat. and I sold several there last year.