Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Markets.

 I went back to Cloudland Station this weekend for a Holiday Market. It wasn't as big as the one last month. But still fun. I sold a lot of soap, 3 hats, a cowl, some head bands, 2 felted owls, dryer balls, and salves. Did pretty good. This is my booth.

My friend Stephanie let me borrow some of her things for displays. I love this wooden rack and the tins.

My Cedarwood Christmas soap. Isn't it pretty with the cedar on it? And it smells like Christmas too.

                               I sold the 2 hats in the middle!!! I'm making another like the one on the right.

So if you see anything here you'd like, it's all for sale. Just let me know. I will ship it to you!

I'm here in my studio this week, making more hats, needle felted sheep and pin cushions and dryer balls for the Holiday Markets and the Chatt. Valley Nazarene Church in Flintstone, this Sat. And next Sat. at Grace Episcopal Church in Chatt. If there is anyone local, come on out! Or come up from wherever you live. There will be so much see and buy!


A.N King said...

How very beautiful! I love the way you have chosen to present your soaps. So rustic and charming; they are absolutely adorable! Well done!

Kris said...

Thank you! I do it different every time too. I really like the galvanized tubs.